Haigh Hall 4

The second week of the traditional summertime mid-week racing saw the action move to the familiar surroundings of Haigh Hall. The Haigh Hall 4 was being run for the second time in it’s current format by Wigan Phoenix. It was also a Central Lancashire Grand Prix fixture so a combination of that and the sunny skies were likely to lead to a massive field.

Wigan Harriers were out in force – a very healthy 16 runners making the start line, (although it proved to be impossible to capture everyone in a photo). Unfortunately some of these runners were not quite so healthy by the end of proceedings!



The 4 mile course starts right in front of the Hall, follows the main path downhill and then after 1/2 mile takes the track that is a sharp left. It then follows this up to the gates by the road, this is then followed round to the main entrance to the Park. Then a final run down Harriers training hill back to the start. That’s one lap, you do two with the finish about 100 metres away from the Hall’s front door. A nice level sprint (or maybe not) to the finish.



With 16 runners taking part, I can only pick out the edited high/low lights.


Tony Morgan was the first to suffer a problem, pulling up at the bottom of the hill with an ankle problem, hopefully it won’t be serious and Tony will be back in action soon. Chris Burgess fresh from his London Marathon experience went off well but stumbled on the rocky track on the second lap, hitting the ground. Fellow runners shot past him whilst checking that he was still breathing, thankfully Chris was able to finish out the race.

Caroline Rasburn raced again with a knee op looming, nothing like making sure you get your money’s worth out of those joints before they are fettled!

At the sharp end of things Andy Kaufman had no challenge from fellow Harriers and was a comfortable first finisher in 22.49. I have seen Andy after many races where he is already changed, sweat free and a cuppa in hand before most of his fellow club mates are finished. Last night there was a flushed face and sore calves, plenty of evidence of it being a hard race and of the Kaveman being human!

An usually familar face at training recently has been our tree swinging Steve Nicholls. Steve was disappointed with his run last week but right from the off he shot off like a scolded cat, racing home in 24.25.

Well done to Jayne Taylor in her first race back after marathon madness. Jayne was home in 25.50 and collected a £20 Endurance Store voucher for first L50, great stuff! Jayne managed to find some spare energy to spend a few minutes helping marshals with guiding runners down the funnel when the queue of runners was backing up.

13    Andrew Kaufman                    22:49

37    Stephen Nicholls                    24:25

45    Chris Burton                           24:38

49    Mike Harris          V40   9       24:55

69    Jayne Taylor         L50   1      25:50

81    Chris Burgess                        26:18

93    Gary Wane                             26:46

100   David Banks          V55   4     27:00

133   April Morgan         L45   3       28:14

160   T Foster             V50  20        29:10

172   Caroline Rasburn     L50   4   29:39

181   Annemarie Craven   L40   5   30:03

270   Pauline Foster       L50  11    37:01

277   Pauline Taylor       L55   4     39:10

278   Pat Cole             L55   5       39:10

Well done to the 16 Harriers who raced and contributed to another fantastic showing for the club in our backyard. The Mens team were 6th and the Ladies 5th so a respectable showing for all. A big thank you to the Harriers supporters who cheered on fantastically. Well done to the organisers and marshals who coped very well with the large turnout.



The mid week bandwagon rumbles into Rivington next week at 7.30pm for the Jubilee 5 Miler run by Horwich RMI. A two lap undulating road course, another chance for the Harriers to shine?



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