Endurance Group Membership

Hello everyone,

Firstly many thanks to all of you who are regularly training with such great enthusiasm and ensuring that the sessions are done in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


It is also great to see so many of you out there racing in the club colours and smashing your pbs.


From a fairly small start, less than 4 years ago, we have now grown from 15 members to over 80. It would be brilliant if we could hit the century this year.

If you haven’t yet joined, then don’t be shy. There are no minimum standards – everyone is welcome, irrespective of ability.

I’ve attached a membership form in case you can’t lay your hands on one!

Cost is a bargain £37 a year, which includes an England Athletics registration fee of £12. This entitles you to discount at any affiliated race.

All our sessions are free, but we do incur expenses, and without the membership fees we wouldn’t have a club.

As many of you have done, please continue to bring along friends, work colleagues and family.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about membership then just ask me or one of the coaches.

A final thanks for your support of the club and your fellow runners. The atmosphere at the moment is fantastic. And remember, it is YOUR club.




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