Blackpool Half – Team Wane Report

After yesterdays update from Mike Harris about his fantastic run at the Great North West Half Marathon, we have reports from Blackpool. Congratulations are in order to Pat Cole and Pauline Taylor who crossed the line together in a magnificent 2hours, 13 minutes 57. David Newsham did both his daughter Charlotte and the club proud with a 1:52:44. With a performance like that we look forward to seeing David get his spikes muddy at Beacon Park next week too! Another runner who will be feeling the pressure to don a Harriers vest shortly is Gary Fitzpatrick who has been training with us recently. Gary put in a very creditable 1:34:20.
The final word from Blackpool goes to husband and wife duo Gary and Melanie Wane:
gurning gazTeam Wane turned up at 9.45am into Hilton the Hilton hotel which resembled a refugee camp with runners sprawled everywhere there was a space, stairs, corners, floor, under a table. Queues for the toilets were massive, of which due to nerves I used the facilities 3 times, especially after my tea / coffee mixture from a dodgy hot drinks machine.
We discussed our tactics which where the same, go out easy and see where we are at. Just before race start I went off for another toilet break and Mel went to the start. We met just before start, wished each other good luck then went to our areas. Mel just behind the 2hr 15 pace group, me at the a 1hr 45 group. Before I knew it, the gun went.
We were off into a blustery head wind with narrow paths causing congestion.
I was in the 1hr 45 group but a gobby yorkshire man, who told everyone who would listen his last 5 half marathon times and his beer intake the night before, inspired me to move slightly ahead of them after 1 mile until I could no longer hear him. Behind, Mel was chugging along at her pace and after a steady start, decided her pace was too slow so picked it up.
At around 2 1/2 miles turn around to come back down the coast and out the head wind I was still running steady miles all within 7min 51 and 7mins 57. Until mile 7 after a slight uphill where my confidence had grown passing many runners on the uphill, I decided to pick it up to put more distance between myself of the 1hr 45 group who where now about 30seconds behind me. My pace now creeping to 7mins 40 a mile.
At the same point not long afterwards, Mel had also started her assault, now eyeing the 2hr 15 group ahead of her which she had seen ahead of her all race, with thoughts of catching them and hanging on with them as long as possible.
Coming back up to the Hilton hotel and through the first lap feeling good I went along and turned again to come back south, passed 9 miles. A man was heard saying “Just a 4 miles sprint in then.” Looked at me and said, “Come on, you can pick it up, you can’t be that tired.” So either I was winning an in-race gurning comp or my run face resembles a look of a tortured man. At this point, I thought many things which cant be repeated but basically, “No way will you finish ahead of me.” (He was just under 2mins behind me. Not that I noted my number and checked the results after…)
Feeling even more confident, and starting to having an out of body experience every time I looked at my watch, being was ahead of my expected time, I was inspired me to run the fastest 3 miles of my whole run between 10 and 13 miles. With the spectators starting to cheer at the finish and a big kick up the final uphill into a headwind run in, I started to pass more and more runners and then I went numb and went, a mad dash to the line. My time 1hr 41mins and 34 seconds. A new PB. The finish photo not being the best Ive ever seen and maybe the before mentioned man had a point, I am a tortured gurner.
Further back, Mel had caught up the pace group but was in such a rhythm that she had not only caught them, but carried on past them at 10miles and was eyeing glory herself. Thoughts of running in Rio at the next Olympics, or most probably, getting back down the M6 to eye up muscular men in tight shorts at the DW Stadium for a 3pm KO of Wigan Warriors V London Broncos, inspired her to keep at it, pulling futher and further ahead of the 2hr 15 group. With the thoughts of rugby players in her mind, Mel raced home, with her own sprint finish in 2hrs 11mins and 40 secs, a mere 11mins and 12 seconds off her previous PB.
All in all, a great day for Team Wane. We even made it to the game with 15minutes to spare to watch a Warriors win.

Wrexham Half Marathon 2013

Wrexham is a course long renowned for its flat, fast PB potential and the 500 places available this year once again sold out long before race day. Of those 500 runners, an impressive contingent of 16 Wigan Harriers made the trip down the M56 to tackle the 13.1 miles. The fact that they found the venue assuages some fears about the sense of direction or navigational skills of our Harriers that were to arise later in the day.

Despite the perfect running conditions, there was a palpable air of pre race tension as Harriers underwent their various warm up rituals. This was one of the first road races of the year and all assembled faced an unknown test of their fitness away from cross country. PB hopes were kept quiet as laces were tied, and then re-tied – or maybe not in the case of Kevin Edwards who ran 10 miles of his race with them flapping loose and threatening to de-rail his day!

The start line at Wrexham is a good mile further down the road from the race HQ and car park, and a couple of trips up and down it served as adequate warm up before the masses gathered for the off. It is quite counter-intuitive that the start actually faces away from the general direction of the race itself, involving a short detour around the industrial estate before looping back on itself and heading towards race HQ for the first  mile. This can cause some confusion for runners new to the event, but the majority of Harriers have attended this event before… some of them are in training for self navigating Ultra events later this year so pointing the right way at the start of a half marathon its childs play…

 Chris Smullen and Neil Prescott made their way to the front end of the waiting pack, Graham Millington settled a little further back and bade Darren Middleton good luck whilst waiting for the rest of the club to shuffle past to find their place in the line up. That wait took longer than expected. Putting past experience to no use at all, the rest of the Harriers were still milling about at the rear of the race having a relaxed natter when without warning the rest of the race headed off in a different direction. Realization that they were at the wrong end of the pack dawned at the same time as it became obvious that the race had started a good 45 seconds ago!

To be fair to Harriers, the start arrangements at Wrexham are odd to say the least. No siren, starting pistol or even hearty shout heralds the start of the race. Most runners only realize things are underway as the pack begins to shuffle, jog and break into a gentle run with no apparent word from the organisers. For the next mile and a half desperate Wigan runners weaved their way through the pack of back markers trying to make up lost time. Graham Millington, located mid-pack, was entertained by the spectacle of club mates slowly passing him one by one muttering their complaints about the stat as they passed.

“Cock up at the start Graham”.

“Ah well  have a good race”, followed a minute or so later by the next Harrier:

“Right cock up at the start”

“So I hear”

“Start was a right…”

“YES! So I gather!” 

The staggered start meant that for the first couple of miles the Harriers were less spread out than they may otherwise have been. For a pair of cyclists going the other way it must have been a striking sight as they were heard to comment ,”who are all these lot in the red and black vests?” as runner after runner flew past in Wigan colours.

IMG_1261At the front end Chris Smullen and Neil Prescott were amongst the few who didn’t mess up the start and were both making good time over the first few miles. Chris had already completed a few miles to loosen up before travelling down and getting in a few more miles towards his London Marathon with the warm up. It seemed to be paying off as he ate up the miles ahead of target time and looking good for the first PB of the day. That PB ended up being a massive 5 minutes off an already super fast 1:26 time to see him cross the line in 40th place overall in 1:21:34. (6th M35)

Neil Prescott kept up the theme by shaving 20 seconds off his own PB time to set a new standard of 1:24:29. The front two were to provide an example for those who followed with another 5 PB to be recorded on the day

Captain Awesome
Captain Awesome

As the race settled down, Dave Collins and Kev Edwards found themselves running as a pair with Capt. Awesome settled on Kevins shoulder. Dave spent most of the race distracted by Kevins flapping shoelace wondering when he was going to fall. Their battle went on until the final few hundred yards when Collins pulled out a Reaping move to be proud of to finish 8 seconds ahead of his team mate in 85:06

Darren Middleton is arguably in the form of his life at the moment and well into his marathon build up. Even so, he shared the pre race uncertainty as to how those marathon miles and cross country races would convert to road race fitness. It was evident early on that he is on top form as he found it necessary to rein in the pace slightly as his speed naturally picked up en route. Darren shattered his PB and finished feeling he had more in the tank which bodes well for his Spring Marathon attempt. His time of 86:56 represents a fine result for Richie Noone too – until such time as Darren can sort the mix up over numbers and reclaim his PB!

Regsitered as a Horwich RMI runner for the event, but running for the first time since signing for Harriers was Bobby Kasabov. Bobby was hot on the heels of Mr Middleton and finished just one second down in 86:57 for the 4th PB of the day for the Wigan contingent.

Enjoying his solo run a few minutes further back was the “Silver Fox” himself Dave Waddington. Wigan Harriers answer to George Clooney, (copyright: D.Jackson) had a lonely race as he attempted to beat his time from last year. Unfortunately last year he managed to notice the start and so wasn’t left playing catch up over the next 13.1 miles. Dave  finished agonizingly close in 87:42

Andy Ratcliffe was taking part in his own one man duathalon, involving a cycle to Wrexham followed by an attempt on the Half Marathon straight after. It is fortunate he has a better developed sense of direction that his club mates or he would still be pedalling his way to Edinburgh… Unfortunately his inaugural Wigan/Wrexham Iron Man event ended in a DNF as cramp forced him out at 4 miles.

IMG_1769 Next up were Julie Platt and Barry Abrams continuing the theme of Harriers running in pairs. Barry looked his usual unflustered self as he relentlessly powered his way to an 89:42 finish. Julie stormed through the field after the self imposed handicap start but still managed to smash her PB and dip under the 90 minute mark for the first time. Her time of 89:42 is impressive enough, but had she got off to a better start there would have been an even bigger chunk off that figure.

IMG_1341Just missing out on a sub 1:30 were our 3rd pairing of the race as Martin Andrews and Andy Eccles came home in 90:15 and 90:16 respectively. Martin seems to be finding form again after a prolonged lay off due to a persistent chest infection. A valiant attempt to hang with Barry and Julie tailed off as the lactic won the day, but Martin can be very encouraged by his returning pace and endurance.

Andy Eccles gave us all a lesson in sandbagging, still insisting with moments to go that he was only in attendance in order to shout a bit of coaching advice to his various protégés en route. Dark Horse that he is, Mr Eccles was then seen tearing his way up the field in full Harriers kit and sporting a race number in perhaps the most hands on act of coaching possible – running the actual race.

Andy was followed over the line by Ash in 90:19 who collected the most impressive looking injury of the day with what initially appeared to be a fractured foot. Fortunately an intensive session of icing seems to have seen off the worst of it and fears of a stress fracture are hopefully unfounded.

Jayne Taylor was the second Wigan lady home in 91:04. Jayne picked up 2nd Lady in her age group despite having to overcome the comedy start and fight her way through the field in the early stages.

IMG_1390Following up were the final pair of Graham Millington and Darren Jackson. Graham credits Darren for keeping him to a demanding pace over the middle miles of the race as they passed 10k 40 seconds under Grahams previous PB.  Darren has quickly regained a lot of his speed following a knee operation earlier this year and is now building back the endurance platform that saw him close to breaking 91 minutes here last year. This time he kept up the pace until dropping off at around 9 miles and leaving Graham to run alone to a significant 5 minute PB in 1:35:41. For the 4th road race in succession Andy Kaufmans out of date PB juice seems to have done its trick for Graham! Darren was pleased to come home shortly after in 1:40:30

IMG_1777At the post race awards the Harriers waited patiently as it seemed most of North Wales was given a special medal for taking part. Mr Millington is apparently considering falsely registering an address in Wrexham next year in order to qualify for one of the rather attractive medals given out for local Grand Prix runners! Jayne Taylor collected her crisp £20 note with rather more glee than did Julie Platt who also came second in her age group. Julies delight was tempered by the fact that her huge race effort had actually aged her a few years and placed her in the V45 category! She swallowed her upset and made straight for Cheshire Oaks on the way home were the £20 quickly vanished!

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Wrexham Village Bakery Half Marathon 2012

The coaching and training regime at Wigan Harriers bore fruit in impressive fashion in the form of 5 PB times from 11 starters at Wrexham this weekend. Only slightly blustery conditions on the back half of the course prevented a few more record times from other club members on a controversial afternoon in North Wales. Problems on the course led to race results being struck from the North Wales Championships, but all finishers of the full route were relieved to be assured that their times would stand over the validated course distance.

Tim Pilkington

Host Club Wrexham AC report that a deliberate act of sabotage was responsible for sending a number of lead runners the wrong way at mile 9 of the course. Marshalls had already spotted a sign pointing in the wrong direction and corrected it, only to discover that persons unknown had returned to misdirect the following competitors at a crucial junction. Wigan Harriers runner Tim Pilkington was fortunate to realize he was heading the wrong way without losing too much time on the turnaround. This was the second time in a week that Tim had “got lost” whilst on a run, but this time he noticed the error quickly enough to rejoin the correct route and finish as 1 st Harriers runner home in a respectable time of 1:18:22

Other runners were not so lucky and rejoined the correct route having innocently cut off around 2 miles of the race. Some runners realized they were coming up short and opted to run on for the full distance. Others didn’t realize until after crossing the line which caused chaos with the final results.

The majority of runners further down the field were oblivious to the drama up front until after the race, and many took advantage of near perfect conditions to chase down a fast time. Clear blue skies, cool temperatures and only a moderate headwind on parts of the route combined with the predominantly flat 2 lap course to make an ideal opportunity for a quick time.

Julie and Darren

First to record new personal records were Julie Platt and Darren Jackson who ran close enough to encourage each-other over most of the course and finished with only 17 seconds separating them at the end. Darren established a new best of 1:31:57 setting himself up for a fast time in London later this year, whilst Julie shaved a further 2 minutes off a PB that is barely 2 months old to record 1:32:14.

Next in was Graham Millington knocking over 6 minutes off his previous Helsby Half PB with a 1:43:20, closely followed by Stuart Holding who completed his first road race over the distance in 1:44:33. The biggest improvement however was recorded by Michael Dutton who smashed his declared target of a sub 2 hour run, and took 10 minutes of his previous best with a 1:55:51

Andy and Tracey

At the pointy end of the results, Tim Pilkington was followed home for Harriers by Dave Waddington in 1:24:50. Competing in his first road race in a Harriers vest, Kevin Edwards did the colours proud with a 1:25:56, followed by first Harriers lady Jayne Taylor in 1:27:30. Jaynes time placed her first in her age group and looks likely to have meant she was at least 5th d lady overall depending upon how the mix up over short course runners shakes out. Andy Eccles was hot on her heels with a 1:28:30, later describing his run as a Half, with all the pain of a full marathon! Tracey Dutton dipped under the 90 minute mark in 1:29:01 and first W40, but with her overall placing similarly confused thanks to the mis-routing debacle. Jaqui Jones suffered injury troubles but still soldiered on to finish in 1:38:41.

Harriers gathered in the club house afterwards to re-fuel on Julie Platts biscuits and swap tales of missing markers. Whilst none of the Wigan runners were unfortunate to run the short route, it led to a disrupted race even those on the correct course as they wondered if they truly were still heading in the right direction! Club officials made a short announcement that they would attempt to sort out the confused results over the next few days and issue prizes by post once they could determine as best as possible who came where.

Whatever the eventual outcome it was a magnificent turn out from Wigan Harriers showing the commitment within the club to actively competing and striving for improvement. Well done all.

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