Jubille Road Races – race 1

I’ve only run this race once before and I can’t say it was an enjoyable experience. What then possessed me to talk Gary Wane into doing it, thereby obliging me to join him? Probably the Kronenburg 1664 on Sunday night – lesson to be learned there. As “targeted” race day approached, there was an ever decreasing number of likely Harriers runners. Dave Waddy was obviously having similar misgivings to me as we emailed each other late race day afternoon. “I’ve been trying to think of excuses not to run, but ‘it’s going to hurt like hell’ is probably unacceptable” was Dave’s conceding agreement that we were going to have to run. A text to Kev confirmed that we would at least have a team of four, and there was even a hint that a certain PB expert might show up. Continue reading