Dent 14 – 2013 Report

Our final report from last weekend comes from Kev Edwards who took on the Dent 14:
I have run the dent 14 for last few years in preparation to a spring marathon and so again I turned up this year, having had a hamstring problem for the last week I wasn’t sure if it was a wise decision but the free cakes at the end where too tempting
With weather reports forecasting snow I was happy to find just a cold and windy day confronting me. So I set off for my warm up of 4 miles (oh I didn’t mention this race was going to be in the middle of a long run). Some days your warm up feels easy, unfortunately this wasn’t one of them. I came back to the start to put my race kit on, thinking “you’re going to have to tough this one out”.
The hootter goes and off we go. After about a mile we hit the first climb, where upon a women flies past wearing full winter training gear. I am poor on climbs but this is not on! However she stops at the top, and I never see her again. By now I was starting to regret my new breakfast routine off oatcakes and peanut butter; I’m going to stick to bannanas in future.
At about 7 miles you can see the car park where you parked up (never a good idea: way too tempting) and you get a big cheer from the supporters, then its the last long climb of the race. I had been hearing this guy behind huffing and puffing to get on my tail and eventually he did, just as we hit the climb and wind: bad idea. I tucked in and let him take the pace until after about a mile,  I said “take a break mate and I will do a stint at the front”. That was the last I saw of him as he blew up big time!
At 10 miles you turn for home, and you have 4 miles of sharp climbs and long descents. My stomach was really starting to worry me now. Would I have to do a paula or could I make back in time? The 1st lady passed me like  I was standing still, which brought my concentration back.
“Right I am not having this, don’t you know I am supper speedy going down hill?” I thought to myself. I pulled her back in a classic Darren Middleton move. I had my eye on the guy from Wesham now and we had about 800 meters to go. I started to pull him back and that’s when my stomach went critical, and I had to slow right down. I did make it to the finish with seconds to spare, (details have been withheld due to graphic nature).
1.31 for the half
1.35.53 for the race
Quick change to some warm kit and a very slow and not very pretty 4 mile warm down – 22 miles for the day, job done!
Back to the village hall for free tea and cakes, and prize giving, best part of the day.
You always learn something new in every race, and today it was: don’t eat oatcakes and peanut butter before a race