2017 Wigan Harriers Endurance Awards

A team of ten people spent many hours analysing club records, race reports and nearly 30 sets of nominations from fellow members to come with the list of award winners for 2017.

Everyone involved in the process realised how difficult it was to split the performances apart, there were many excellent results and all the categories were highly competitive. All Harriers should feel proud of their 2017 race results regardless of whether they won a prize.

The awards will be presented at our party on the 27th January at the Bellingham Hotel.

Please make sure you support the winners and come enjoy a great party!

Up to 10 miles

Male – Chris Burton

Chris ran a superb PB at Southport Mad Dog 10k in February, knocking 1:28 off his best to register 37:12.

Mad Dog Burton

Female – Pauline Taylor

Pauline ran a brilliant time of 57:29 at the Cheshire 10k in March, taking 42 seconds off her previous best set in 2016. It was a great improvement.

Pauline 2nd from left.

10 – 20 miles

Male – John Heyes

John showed his improving form by improving his best set in May at Liverpool of 1:59.03 down to 1:44.13 at the English Half Marathon at Warrington in September.

John Heyes 2nd from left

Female – Katie Green

Although not an easy course the English Half was a happy hunting ground for many Harriers. Katie ran an excellent 1:48.21, taking her PB down from 2016 level of 1:55.54.

Katie first on the right.

20 miles – Marathon

Male – Chris Burton

Chris topped the 2017 Marathon rankings with his run at Liverpool Rock and Roll  Marathon in May. He took 10:17 off his 2016 performance to register a new PB of 3.09:44.

Chris PB hunting.

Female – Karen Moorfield

Manchester was where Karen took a mighty 16.33 off her 2016 run to gain a new PB of 3:27.58.

Karen leaving nothing on the course.

Ultra (Just one winner – male or female)

Julie Valentine

Julie dug very very deep and completed the 200 mile Southport to Hornsea Ultra Great Britain in August.

Julie at the end!

Cross Country (2017 calendar – split across two seasons)

Male – Mike Harris

Ever present throughout all Mid Lancs, Northern and National Races, Mike finished as highest placer Harrier in the Senior Men’s league & scored in every race for the A team continuing the form into the 2017-18 season.

Mike running hard at the National XC.

Female – Jayne Taylor

Jayne bounced back from illness to finish the 2016-17 season strongly before pushing on further in the 2017-18 season with two top ten finishes in the over 35’s category and a couple of 1st L55 finishes.


Artistic licence – used a non-XC shot!

Most improved Athlete of the year

Male – Chris Green

With significant PB’s at both 10k (1st sub 40 mins) and Marathon (a massive 10 mins off his PB) Chris had a pretty spectacular year!

Chris at Wigan 10k

Female – Rachel Simm

Rachel smashed new PB’s at both Half Marathon (massive 48 mins!) and 10k (13 mins) in a fantastic year of improvement.

Rachel Simm 1st left

Athlete of the year

Male – Chris Green

Not content with battering his PB’s at 10k and Marathon, Chris also managed to successfully complete IRONMAN. 2017 was a green year!

Chris Green you are an IRONMAN!

Female – Karen Moorfield

As well as obliterating her marathon PB, Karen utilised her endurance training to smash the Lakeland 50 in 11:43, a superb run.

Karen ran in a pair with Warren.

Karen in Wigan 10k action

Congratulations again to all our winners!



Club records

The club records are overdue for a refresh. The 2017 records have been created for the year so far, if you are a member and have registered on “the power of ten” website then your best performance will be included. Please drop the club an email if your best is missing or someone else had run in your name!

Club records 2017

The overall records are ready for updating so as soon as this information is tidied up we will publish these too.

Happy reading stats fans!!


2016 Club Records

February now so 2016 records are well overdue for publishing.

Another fantastic year for Wigan Harriers.

Please either sign up up to Power of Ten or send us the race details if you are missing from these records.


  • 72 Performances logged (Just best one logged per athlete)
  • 46 PB’s broken
  • Congratulations to Jenny Meadows on her 36.37 10k.
  • Congratulations to Kath Brougham on her 86.30 Half Marathon
  • Congratulations to Tracey Dutton on her 3.08.53 Marathon.
  • Well done to all the ladies who donned the Harriers vest in 2016.


  • 111 Performances logged.
  • 78 PB’s broken.
  • Congratulations to Gary Fitzpatrick, top of the 10k and Half Marathon standings with 33.31 and 76.34 respectively.
  • Congratulations to Howard Avery on his 2.48.41 Marathon.
  • Well done to all the men who donned the Harriers vest in 2016.


The full 2016 honours board.



2015 Stats now ready for checking please!

Congratulations on all those who registered a performance at either 10k, Half Marathon or Marathon in 2015. The rise in both the number and quality of performances was quite staggering and a testament to your dedication and hard work.


I’ve tried to add in performances from Wigan 10k and marathon season but there will be either a number of performances missing due to the following reasons:

  1. You haven’t told us
  2. You aren’t registered on www.thepowerof10.info/ website
  3. You weren’t a Harrier when you did it
  4. You told us and we forgot!!

Statto unfortunately can not keep up with the performances of 120 athletes, although I do try!

Please send the details in before 12th February and I’ll do a final update on 2015 before adjusting the All time records.


Many thanks.

2015 Women’s records updated

What a fantastic list we now have of performances this year. With the Women’s records now updated it’s possible to see just how well the club and it’s members have been running in 2015.


Autumn highlights were the large number of ladies running the Wigan 10k and the many personal bests being smashed!


It’s also great to see all the new members making their presence felt – well done on those ever improving times!


As ever either sign up the Power of Ten website to automatically log your performances or send the details through on a mail.

Happy running!


2015 Men’s Stats now updated!!

These are now updated to the 19th October for the men.

There have been some great performances over the last few months. All those who have raced should fell very proud of what they have achieved. The growth and development of the club and it’s members is quite phenomenal.

I’m not going to single any particular performances out at this time but enjoy perusing the sheer number of great times achieved so far this year by the men. I’ll add the Women’s update in a few days.

If you have a performance missing and you were a registered Harrier then please forward on the details.


Well done Harrier men!

All time records updated for Half Marathon

The all time records are now updated for the Half Marathon and I’m excited to say that there are seven additions to the records from 2015 performances.

Congratulations to the following athletes who have placed their names on the club hall of fame.

Nina Fisher V35 99.16 Anglesey

Annemarie Craven V40 1:43:16 Liverpool

Andy Ratcliffe Overall & V45 78:16 Liverpool

Mark Glynn Overall & V45 79:22 Chester

Chris Smullen V40 80:11 Wilmslow

Tim Pilkington V40 86:34 Anglesey

Dave Banks V55 93:15 Liverpool

For a more detailed view of the current Half Marathon please follow this link


The 10k records will be updated in a few weeks so still time to make your mark!


2015 YTD Half Marathon records


With all the competitive Half Marathon action that has recently taken place I felt compelled to update the records for 2015 so far. In due course I’ll update the all time records but for now I’ve just added people’s best performances for the current year in club colours.

What an explosive 5 months it has been!  We have 19 male and 8 female athletes that have completed a half marathon. If you have also completed one please send me your details so I can add it on.

Still riding high at the top of the Ladies rankings is Julie Platt with her Wilmslow run of 91:36. Since the last update Kelly Anne Towns, Annemarie Craven and Joanne Fairhurst have all posted new Half Marathon times. Well done to all three on their performances.

Andy Ratcliffe stormed to the top of the Men’s rankings with a superb 78:16 in Liverpool, closely followed by Howard Avery with a brilliant 78:56  Andy is guarding that time with great diligence even running slowly to the finish and doing his best to get in Mark Glynn’s way to prevent his record falling in Chester! Regardless Mark managed an excellent 79:22. The ranks of super half marathon performances have been added to by Paul Mason, Steven Bayliss, Stuart Towns and Tony Foster – well done to all.

Here is a link to how 2015 looks now, updated for Half Marathons.

All time records will be updated soon.


Wigan Harriers Marathon Blitz!

With May drawing to a close it’s time to take stock of how the Club has fared in the spring marathons. An incredible 23 runners competed in four different events – Paris, Manchester, Blackpool and of course London.

PB’s were blown to smithereens, 3 hour barriers broken, Good for age & Championship qualifications for London were all just part of the story.



First up was our solo warrior Paul Platt who flew with the family to Paris for the first marathon. Read Paul’s fantastic report here….Paul Platt

03:24:14 Paul Platt

Although not what he wanted Paul stuck with it and ground out a great 3:24, his first Marathon in a Harriers vest.



Next up were an incredible 11 runners at Manchester with magnificent entourage of supporters!








The ladies….

03:10:35 Jayne Taylor V50
03:15:33 April Morgan V45
03:44:00 Annemarie Craven V40

The men….

02:57:06 Howard John Morton Avery
02:58:41 Tony Morgan V45
03:03:18 David Collins V50
03:11:22 Tim Pilkington V40
03:14:45 Mike Harris V40
03:35:27 Stuart Hamilton
03:35:47 Chris Green
04:47:48 Stuart Gibson

I’ve added links below to the brilliant write ups some of the runners compiled.

Tony & April Morgan

Chris Green

Stuart Gibson

Mike Harris & Dave Collins

Howard Avery led the team home with a superlative 2:57:06, not bad considered he was pointing the wrong way at the start. He was chased home by Tony Morgan in an excellent 2:58:41.

There were sparkling PB’s for Howard, Mike Harris, Stuart Hamilton, Chris Green & Stuart Gibson. Tim managed a lie down in his race but still managed to get up again and run home in 3.11 – fantastic!

Tony Morgan, Dave Collins, Tim Pilkington & Mike Harris from the Men all achieved GFA for London if they want it. Whilst with the women both April Morgan & Annemarie Craven managed superb GFA ‘s and Jayne Taylor managed an amazing Championship qualifying 3:10:35. Time will tell whether everyone who qualified for London chooses to take up the option.



Whilst his colleagues were in London, Andy crept off to breezy Blackpool and attempted to blast his way into the prizes. Unfortunately some poor marshaling and strong winds scuppered Andy’s chances but he still walked away with an impressive 3:11 & GFA.


03:11:19 Andy Ratcliffe V45



Finally watched by many on the television and an impressive number out on the course, ten runners took on the challenge of the London Marathon.

The ladies…

03:14:00 Julie Platt V40
03:41:46 Nina Fisher V35

The men…

02:57:30 Mark Glynn V45
03:02:03 Chris Smullen V40
03:04:25 Chris Burgess
03:08:55 Barry Abram V50
03:17:21 Paul Bryers V35
03:36:22 Colin McEvoy V35
03:41:44 Jonathan Blackburn
04:06:26 Tony Foster V50

The reports….

Nina Fisher

Mark Glynn

Chris Burgess

Chris Smullen

Paul Bryers

All 10 runners acquitted themselves brilliantly. There were a healthy 5 PB’s for the men with a further PB for Nina. Julie Platt managed to achieve a superb championship entry time of 3.14. Nina, Mark, Chris S, Chris B & Barry all achieved GFA. Storming his way up the club records was Mark Glynn, now holding sub three hour marathon times in both the V40 & V45 categories.

It certainly looks likely that 2016 will see another bumper entry into both Manchester & London Marathons. They are both excellent events so whichever you are in you won’t be short of Harriers for company!

A few of my favourite marathon season pictures…
























So how does this leaves the club records for this year..

Club records 2015


And very importantly the all time records!

All time records



Wigan Harriers Endurance Club Records

Club Statto HQ has pored over 1000’s of performances from Wigan Harriers athletes to compile these Club Records from 2011 to present. They include the top 3 performances by age group and overall (one performance per athlete included).

Congratulations to all the runners who currently have a performance included.

Distances included are 10k , Half Marathon and Marathon across all age groups.


Plenty of opportunity for more people to post a performance to get on the board!