Knowsley parkrun

Chris Burton tried a couple of new things, Knowsley parkrun and then wrote them a race report. Here’s a copy of it, well done Chris.

Chris had some lovely things to say about our parkrun, so I invited him to write a guest runner report of his visit to Knowsley today, This is what he had to say…..

Today I ran Knowsley parkrun for the first time. I wasn’t sure want to expect.

I had a slight knowledge of what to expect because I did part of the parkrun course when I ran the cross country route on day 5 off the tour of Merseyside. So many memories just came flooding back when I arrived at the start line, as it was less than 3 weeks since I was here completing day 5 of the Tour.

When I was listening to the brief which was given out by the Run Director Richie, he was talking about a defibrillator saying that they still need £200 to reach their target to buy one for their parkrun. As a person who suffers from epilepsy, I think there should really be another way they could get one as I don’t think they should have to raise so much money to buy their own!.

After listening to the brief the run started. I had a good burst of energy which made me run a little bit faster. I was leading the way going into the 1st corner and I thought “oh no I don’t know this course I hope I don’t get lost” but I managed to survive the first lap only with a little scare when I nearly beat the marshal to his post so the fella behind me had to shout to tell me to turn around. Luckily I still managed to keep my position! The marshals were fantastic all the way around and they were very supportive. The photographs which the photographer took of me and the rest of the runners just topped off a brilliant parkrun.

When I got home and I didn’t receive my text message telling me what my time was I was a little worried, but it all got sorted out and my finish time of 19 minutes exactly was added to the results.

I can’t wait to come back and run Knowsley parkrun again with some more runners from my club.

Chris Burton – Wigan Harriers.



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