Great work Mrs D!

Garstang Half Marathon Sunday – 4th September 2016 by Tracey Dutton

I had already pre-entered Garstang Half Marathon thinking it would be a good undulating race ready for the Ultra Marathon I’ve got planned next year. Did a slow 1 mile warm up with hubby, then went off to the start which was in Garstang Village. Had Susan’s lucky coin in my pocket and my lucky pink trainers on. Gave hubby a hug.

Gun went off and I flew off at my normal speedy pace. Got to mile one in 6:16 gave hubby a wave. By this point a guy from Garstang and a girl from Barrow had joined me and we ran the next 3 miles together. The guy from Garstang said is this an interval speed session. Eventually the girl from Barrow pulled away from me and I settled into the race. It was a really warm day and my heart wasnt really in the race. I had just had a week at mother in laws and was feeling the after affects of over indulging in her puddings and cakes. She kept saying its a treat have another slice, some nights ended up with 2 puddings. I had also run a marathon with Ben Smith (401). I battled on up and down the hills keeping a good pace. I was told that there was a nasty hill at around 9 mile mark. Someone lied to me it was undulating all way round and there was 2 really nasty hills where my pace was down to 12 minutes. I remember a guy passing me after the second nasty hill and I said to him I hope there are no more hills, he laughed and I know why. On the last mile I appeared to be on my own running through a housing estate until I eventually saw my hubby at the entrance of Garstang sports and social club where the finish was. He started running along side of me shouting run faster come on. I said I cannot run any faster, I saw the clock and thought I need to get under 1:27.

I finished in 1:26:55 and second lady. This was a massive pb on this course. In 2009 I came first lady in 1:29:38. I was over the moon, but did say at the finish never again. It has taken me a week to recover, due to a old injury flaring up.


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