Catforth 5k by Tracey Dutton

Saturday 13th August 2016

Woke up Saturday to strong winds, was worried all day about racing against the wind, as the last mile of Catforth is usually quite windy. Catforth is a 6:30pm start. The wind had dropped slightly by time I got to Catforth. Collected my number, which was 249, I don’t like odd numbers and this time I couldn’t add the numbers together to get a even number. I did have Susan’s lucky coin in my pocket. After collecting my number I went off to do a mile warm up with 4 x 50 strides at race pace. One more visit to the toilet and gave hubby a big hug and off I went to the start. Wished Paul Mason good luck and said to him I wish I was doing a marathon instead of a 5k, because 5k races hurt too much. Paul said the pain is short and will be over quick. We were counted down and off we went around the country lanes of Catforth.

First mile 5:41 omg I thought that’s fast, but carried on running well under 6 minute miles. 2nd mile past still doing well and managed to catch up with a group of guys and thought should I stay behind them and wondered what time they were aiming for. Looked at my garmin they were doing 6:05 decided to over take them, the look on their faces were a picture, they must have been thinking where did she come from. Only one guy came with me and finally over took me. I tried to keep on his tail for the final mile, but he had put his foot down. I passed the Running Pump Pub and knew I wasn’t that far away from the finish. Turned the corner and saw Joanne Fairhurst and hubby shouting me and waving because I was first lady. I came into the gates of the school to the finish line sounding like a old steam train. Collected my medal and bottle of water and slumped over a fence until I managed to get my breath back then looked at my watch. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my time 18:28. I had only ever got 19:55 at my previous Catforth race back in 2013. My pb for a 5K was back in 2009 18:57. Did a slow jog to meet hubby who was absolutely over the moon with my time. Went back to car to freshen up and have my protein shake. Every runner gets a pie and a can of cider or beer after the race. I gave mine to hubby as I was looking forward to a huge steak for my tea. Waited for prizes to be given out. Won £15. I came 1st lady and 13th runner out of 105 runners. I texted my dad after the race and he said I was “like a fine vintage wine that gets better with age”.


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