Elswick 10 Mile Race by Tracey Dutton

Elswick 10 Mile Race Saturday 16th July 2016

…apologies to Tracey, the editor has been a little slow in publishing!

First race after Windermere Marathon. Decided to have a go at Elswick 10 Mile race, the added bonus at the end of this race is a bonds icecream.

Woke up early to have breakfast, on a new diet so was a bit worried it wasn’t going to work for the race, but thought will give it a try. Arrived at Elswick in plenty of time to say hello to my friends from Wesham, collect race number etc and to do a 1 mile warm up.

After warm up went to start line and gave Gary Fitzpatrick a hug for good luck and wished Pete Mills good luck. I had my lucky pink ascic trainers on and my luck coin from Susan. My race number was 99 (I dont like odd race numbers), one of the marshalls was laughing at me as I said I can either add the 9’s together to make 18 or turn my race number upside down.

We were counted down and off we went, its a very flat race which is quite unusual for me to race on. I could see Gary fly off into the distance and the first lady. I settled down into quite a fast pace over took a few guys. Did first 3 miles in 18 plus minutes was really pleased then 5 miles came in 31 plus minutes. All this time I was trying to catch the first lady. After 5 miles I was getting closer and closer and I finally caught her at 5.5 miles. I thought do I sit behind her or do I overtake her. I decided to go for it and overtake her. She tried to speed up but I wasnt having that I put my foot down abit until I couldnt see her behind me. The second half of the race was tough due to the warmth of the sun and the strong breeze. I was just dreaming of my free icecream and counting down the miles, praying I could keep up the pace. The roads were really long and flat and hardly any runners around me. My legs felt fine but my breathing was not. Finally I was on the final mile which seemed to go on forever. I finished nearly throwing up and exhausted I had given it everything. The second lady finished a minute behind me.

I collected my free bag of fruit, medal and voucher for bonds icecream. Got changed ready for presentation. Won £25 in cash, which I spent in the next sale. After presentation I went to get my free Bonds icecream, so many flavours to choose from. I decided on double chocolate chip and I asked for 2 scoops and said I would pay for the other but the assistant gave it to me for free because I had won.

I finished 1st lady 64:34 and 11th overall.


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