Great work Mrs D!

Garstang Half Marathon Sunday – 4th September 2016 by Tracey Dutton

I had already pre-entered Garstang Half Marathon thinking it would be a good undulating race ready for the Ultra Marathon I’ve got planned next year. Did a slow 1 mile warm up with hubby, then went off to the start which was in Garstang Village. Had Susan’s lucky coin in my pocket and my lucky pink trainers on. Gave hubby a hug.

Gun went off and I flew off at my normal speedy pace. Got to mile one in 6:16 gave hubby a wave. By this point a guy from Garstang and a girl from Barrow had joined me and we ran the next 3 miles together. The guy from Garstang said is this an interval speed session. Eventually the girl from Barrow pulled away from me and I settled into the race. It was a really warm day and my heart wasnt really in the race. I had just had a week at mother in laws and was feeling the after affects of over indulging in her puddings and cakes. She kept saying its a treat have another slice, some nights ended up with 2 puddings. I had also run a marathon with Ben Smith (401). I battled on up and down the hills keeping a good pace. I was told that there was a nasty hill at around 9 mile mark. Someone lied to me it was undulating all way round and there was 2 really nasty hills where my pace was down to 12 minutes. I remember a guy passing me after the second nasty hill and I said to him I hope there are no more hills, he laughed and I know why. On the last mile I appeared to be on my own running through a housing estate until I eventually saw my hubby at the entrance of Garstang sports and social club where the finish was. He started running along side of me shouting run faster come on. I said I cannot run any faster, I saw the clock and thought I need to get under 1:27.

I finished in 1:26:55 and second lady. This was a massive pb on this course. In 2009 I came first lady in 1:29:38. I was over the moon, but did say at the finish never again. It has taken me a week to recover, due to a old injury flaring up.

Wigan 10k 2016

The 4th edition of the Wigan 10K was the biggest yet and so was the Harriers team…70 runners yes that’s right SEVENTY! How awesome is that!


An excited crew of Harriers gathered for the obligatory photo call. There were plenty of nerves on display as they prepared for home town action.




Mark Morgan-Hillam kindly volunteered his services as club poster boy for the day, endless photo calls ensued.


Nobody had the heart to tell Ian he only had to run 6.21 miles this week.


Harriers were also out on the course at various points as marshals, in particularly the drinks station again.


Steve got a little wet.


Chris did two laps to get a couple of drinks off his favourite player.


Harriers formation style.


Some nifty headwear options on show.


Ian realising he could do another 194 miles, still fresh.


When you are first Harrier home then take a bow!


Mark realised he still had another 5 photo shoots to do, despair loomed.


Flying Harrier display.


Jonathan our hero helps a fallen runner!


Darren tackles something less than an ultra for a change.


The results! Let us know if you are missing.

1 2061 Male Andrew Kaufman 35-39 3/281 00:34:19 00:34:20
2 3631 Male Tesfagaber Waldu 10-34 6/664 00:35:28 00:35:29
3 2079 Male Mark Morgan-Hillam 40-44 1/280 00:36:48 00:36:51
4 2068 Male Bozhidar Kasabov 40-44 3/280 00:37:04 00:37:08
5 3339 Male Simon Baines 40-44 7/280 00:37:47 00:37:50
6 52 Male Robin Chan 10-34 20/664 00:38:13 00:38:14
7 2169 Male Stephen Nicholls 10-34 23/664 00:38:25 00:38:26
8 3411 Male Stuart Fairclough 45-49 6/225 00:38:41 00:38:43
9 3193 Male Warren Moorfield 45-49 8/225 00:39:07 00:39:10
10 87 Male Paul Bryers 40-44 11/280 00:39:26 00:39:31
11 2996 Male Mike Harris 45-49 9/225 00:39:44 00:39:48
12 2208 Male Jonathan Kearsley 10-34 43/664 00:40:25 00:40:31
13 2310 Male David Barton 35-39 11/281 00:40:38 00:40:45
14 1321 Male Daniel Parkinson 10-34 50/664 00:41:09 00:41:15
15 2544 Male Stuart Hamilton 35-39 14/281 00:41:08 00:41:30
16 36 Male Gary Wane 35-39 16/281 00:41:34 00:41:39
17 8 Male Christopher Green 10-34 61/664 00:41:39 00:41:42
18 513 Male Anthony Ackers 35-39 19/281 00:41:44 00:41:51
19 253 Male Dean Atherton 10-34 65/664 00:41:48 00:41:54
20 40 Male Steven Bayliss 35-39 22/281 00:42:06 00:42:11
21 1690 Male Darren Jackson 40-44 22/280 00:42:14 00:42:19
22 3100 Male Scott Wiggans 35-39 27/281 00:42:43 00:42:47
23 1558 Male Barry Abram 55-59 1/87 00:42:49 00:42:54
24 3194 Female Karen Moorfield 10-34 5/516 00:43:10 00:43:15
25 3449 Male Paul Walker 35-39 31/281 00:43:22 00:43:30
26 620 Male Gareth Holland 35-39 32/281 00:43:25 00:43:30
27 1280 Male Tony Foster 55-59 4/87 00:43:46 00:43:51
28 2041 Male Daniel Yates 10-34 93/664 00:43:58 00:44:21
29 2107 Male Paul Carter 45-49 24/225 00:44:13 00:44:35
30 1868 Male Stuart Holding 40-44 32/280 00:44:13 00:44:36
31 1850 Female Nina Pilkington 35-39 2/211 00:44:36 00:44:41
32 936 Female Charlotte Newsham 10-34 10/516 00:45:10 00:45:12
33 1757 Female Melissa Banks 10-34 11/516 00:45:22 00:45:28
34 2592 Male David Hartley 50-54 13/135 00:45:55 00:46:01
35 1375 Male Paul Fisher 35-39 61/281 00:46:56 00:47:03
36 1497 Female Lauren Wheatley 10-34 28/516 00:48:19 00:48:28
37 1392 Male Paul Platt 35-39 79/281 00:48:59 00:49:04
38 2040 Male Ian Yates 40-44 75/280 00:49:15 00:49:16
39 110 Male James Pentland 35-39 83/281 00:48:50 00:49:20
40 1873 Male Darren Horrocks 10-34 203/664 00:49:22 00:49:30
41 606 Male Alan Taylor 55-59 22/87 00:49:26 00:50:10
42 1869 Male Kevin Rex 40-44 94/280 00:49:17 00:50:27
43 1966 Male Sam Blakeman 35-39 91/281 00:50:31 00:50:39
44 1640 Male Scott Oshea 10-34 246/664 00:47:40 00:50:42
45 1086 Female Rebecca Kaufman 10-34 50/516 00:50:55 00:50:56
46 2138 Female Rachel Sidebotham 10-34 51/516 00:50:28 00:51:01
47 408 Female Julie Platt 45-49 9/169 00:52:03 00:52:09
48 1950 Female Melanie Wane 10-34 67/516 00:52:40 00:52:46
49 1514 Female Jayne Salloum 40-44 21/225 00:52:31 00:53:05
50 1549 Female Lisa Atherton 45-49 13/169 00:52:59 00:54:23
51 673 Female Alice Rowe 10-34 75/516 00:53:29 00:54:51
52 1108 Male Andrew Mcmanus 40-44 141/280 00:54:10 00:55:19
53 2108 Female Michelle Liptrot 45-49 19/169 00:53:31 00:55:59
54 2505 Female Rebecca Jones 10-34 94/516 00:54:57 00:56:52
55 671 Female Olivia Rowe 10-34 109/516 00:56:51 00:58:13
56 607 Female Pauline Taylor 55-59 9/42 00:58:11 00:58:20
57 879 Female Pat Cole 60-64 2/19 00:58:12 00:58:20
58 2078 Female Leanne Morgan-Hillam 35-39 33/211 00:58:54 00:59:00
59 2771 Male Ian Stewart 45-49 128/225 00:53:54 00:59:17
60 624 Female Mandy Borthwick 40-44 60/225 01:00:37 01:00:45
61 457 Female Sarah Coates 10-34 181/516 01:00:23 01:03:10
62 3473 Female Lindsey Jones 10-34 200/516 00:59:02 01:03:52
63 2173 Male Peter Gregory 40-44 216/280 01:01:28 01:04:59
64 13 Male Paul Brierton 10-34 527/664 01:01:01 01:05:52
65 777 Female Rebecca Swindlehurst 10-34 309/516 01:08:42 01:11:29
66 422 Female Adrienne Barnes 45-49 111/169 01:12:36 01:13:40
67 2630 Female Sarah Edwards 40-44 179/225 01:07:08 01:16:00
68 3282 Female Adele Lowe 40-44 180/225 01:07:08 01:16:00
69 92 Female Lillie Barnard 10-34 371/516 01:07:16 01:16:02
70 1693 Male Darren Finnegan 45-49 217/225 01:13:37 01:20:42

A hug for little sis!


Selfie time..


Mark Morgan-Hillam M40 winner! GB Sticks just about managed another smile!


Barry Abram M55 winner, well done Bazza!


Wigan Harriers First Men’s team, yes he’s in this one too!


A few drinks to celebrate, cheers lads!


Well done to the organisers, marshals, spectactors and runners for making the 2016 Wigan 10k an amazing success. Everyone up for it again in 2017? If you can’t wait then take a look at the Wigan Run Festival in March – more news to come soon on that one!


Club shop now open!

The online shop is now open until midnight on 30th September so now is the time to order T-shirts and hoodies for winter. This is a limited opportunity, so if you want any kit, order it NOW!

Look how excited this Harrier was getting to wear his Tee shirt for the first time.


Of course hoodies are available too. I’m pleased to say the model didn’t charge us for his services but he did seem to enjoy himself. Harriers kit with a guaranteed go faster stripe!


Orders are only processed after the shop closes on 30th September, so it will be 3/4 weeks after when you will receive your kit. You can either pay for postage or pick it up yourself from ADM sports off Miry Lane.

Shop details


Persons unknown in Borrowdale.

Borrowdale Trail 21k

Having sat out 2014’s race as a passive non-runner watching the finish after stuffing my face with cake and coffee it was now time for me to step up and enter the fray.

Our day started not so bright but definitely early as we were on the road before 8am and it rained the entire journey up to Keswick. Once there registration was located on the muddy field of Crow Park and there was very little shelter from the constant downpour as we queued. The first thing I noticed was all the other runners with running jacket on, racing vests and hydration systems. I asked Warren why we had none of those things, not even a jacket to which he replied its only a half marathon you don’t need any of that crap.

A few minutes later was giving my name in, Karen Schofield I said to which I could see the puzzled expression on the lady’s face and then she asked if I was sure I was doing the 21k. I was actually panicked because i could see the S’s on her list and as my eyes darted from Sa to Se I realised my name was not there. she checked again at my instance that I was definitely doing the 21k. she even said maybe its my eyes and I’m just not seeing it but i knew it was not on her list. The thought in my head was bloody Warren, he has not entered me, but then I realised I had received an email but of course I did not have my phone to prove this as I had left it at home. it was literal a split second moment before I turned to shout at Warren but instead I said to the lady he’s booked it so best check if he’s registered.

As she turned the pages, flipping back to the M’s, I immediately saw it, Karen Moorfield followed by Warren Moorfield. I then felt it necessary to explain why I didn’t seem to know my own surname. we had booked Borrowdale through si entries before Christmas but only last week booked Great Langdale half for September in my married name and we did not think that it would then alter all the races on si entries.

We then headed to the start which was at 11am. This time we set off 30 minutes before as back in 2014 warren had insisted the start was only 10 minutes from crow park registration and the race started without him giving everyone a good 10 minute start on him. he may be to start 10 minutes after everyone else but I certainly was not chancing it.

The start is uphill and then quickly becomes a little undulating albeit technical as you skirt around Derwent water through the woods. when I say undulating I do actual mean our type of undulating and not the cumbrian version at this point of the race.

The race heads right away from the waterside and begins to climb at around the 5 mile point. I started with a slow tiny tiny step ascent which then became a hands on knees power walk from half way up to the top. I felt comfort and relief only in the fact that I could see others walking both in front and behind, that is until some lady came running past me and everyone else in front of me.

Once at the summit there is then some running along the tops before a fast fell like descent, during which it took roughly two steps to realise the mud path was way to slippy and it was easier to run down the grass hill. it then becomes time for some road running and for all you avid readers I only run road races, the road only lasted for about 1/2 a mile before turning back to trail.

The trail now hits a massive climb at least a mile long and as I looked up I could see runners dotted all the way up. I say runners but I swear everyone of them I could see was power walking no one gaining and no one passing, in fact the only people who past me were six mountain bikers coming down.

Once at the top coming down did not give the relief I thought it would, as trail turned to steep muddy then grassy slopes that were wet and slippery but at least now the rain had stopped. I managed to stay up right and then there was further trail and back through some woods as I neared the 9 mile mark. it was now warming up and still no water station but I felt I was now navigating the path well considering all the roots poking up, that was until, splat, yet again another off road race with me lying on the floor. Thankfully no injuries this time, just a few scratches on my legs which would not show up on the wedding photos a week later. once I had picked myself up and dusted myself down just a few hundred meters further and there was the aid station, nuts, jelly babies, coke, orange, water and fruit. I have always just grabbed a drink and carried on but this time I was having a minute, I had 4 drinks, a handful of jelly babies and a chat about my forthcoming wedding with the marshals before heading for the finish.



The last three miles I would describe as undulating and if any remaining energy can be summonsed then its possible to pick the pace back up. Keeping the pace becomes difficult when then faced with little wooden bridges with extremely wet and slippery planks and this is were Warren ended up on his backside. Good to know its not just me that falls however his is the exception were mine is now fast becoming the norm on these off road races. The gravelly path soon hits the tarmac which means the home straight and with the home straight comes a lot of people, couples and families all over the place. Most moved out of the way having realise there was a race on but there is always the odd few people that you have to try to navigate around trying to maintain speed and not injure yourself or anyone else. a quick turn onto the field sees the finish line and the finishing photograph.

As for a warm down, there is only one thing for it in The Lakes and that is a trip to the Apple Pie Cafe in Ambleside for a sandwich and a strawberry milkshake and these were well earned and well deserved.



Catforth 5k by Tracey Dutton

Saturday 13th August 2016

Woke up Saturday to strong winds, was worried all day about racing against the wind, as the last mile of Catforth is usually quite windy. Catforth is a 6:30pm start. The wind had dropped slightly by time I got to Catforth. Collected my number, which was 249, I don’t like odd numbers and this time I couldn’t add the numbers together to get a even number. I did have Susan’s lucky coin in my pocket. After collecting my number I went off to do a mile warm up with 4 x 50 strides at race pace. One more visit to the toilet and gave hubby a big hug and off I went to the start. Wished Paul Mason good luck and said to him I wish I was doing a marathon instead of a 5k, because 5k races hurt too much. Paul said the pain is short and will be over quick. We were counted down and off we went around the country lanes of Catforth.

First mile 5:41 omg I thought that’s fast, but carried on running well under 6 minute miles. 2nd mile past still doing well and managed to catch up with a group of guys and thought should I stay behind them and wondered what time they were aiming for. Looked at my garmin they were doing 6:05 decided to over take them, the look on their faces were a picture, they must have been thinking where did she come from. Only one guy came with me and finally over took me. I tried to keep on his tail for the final mile, but he had put his foot down. I passed the Running Pump Pub and knew I wasn’t that far away from the finish. Turned the corner and saw Joanne Fairhurst and hubby shouting me and waving because I was first lady. I came into the gates of the school to the finish line sounding like a old steam train. Collected my medal and bottle of water and slumped over a fence until I managed to get my breath back then looked at my watch. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my time 18:28. I had only ever got 19:55 at my previous Catforth race back in 2013. My pb for a 5K was back in 2009 18:57. Did a slow jog to meet hubby who was absolutely over the moon with my time. Went back to car to freshen up and have my protein shake. Every runner gets a pie and a can of cider or beer after the race. I gave mine to hubby as I was looking forward to a huge steak for my tea. Waited for prizes to be given out. Won £15. I came 1st lady and 13th runner out of 105 runners. I texted my dad after the race and he said I was “like a fine vintage wine that gets better with age”.

Wigan 10k


It’s Wigan 10k time!

Last year we had over 50 Wigan Harriers competing in the Wigan 10k. This year we will smash that number and with it dozens of PB’s will be obilterated!

As is now customary we can’t let such an important milestone for Club and Town pass without a photo so cameras and photos to the ready. We will aim to gather in the same place as last year at 9.15am, just by Grand Arcade and Yorkshire Bank. Bit of a slope so short ones you know which side to stand!

Thanks in advance to those who have volunteered to help make it another successful event.


The after show party is in Revolution from 12pm to celebrate.

Elswick 10 Mile Race by Tracey Dutton

Elswick 10 Mile Race Saturday 16th July 2016

…apologies to Tracey, the editor has been a little slow in publishing!

First race after Windermere Marathon. Decided to have a go at Elswick 10 Mile race, the added bonus at the end of this race is a bonds icecream.

Woke up early to have breakfast, on a new diet so was a bit worried it wasn’t going to work for the race, but thought will give it a try. Arrived at Elswick in plenty of time to say hello to my friends from Wesham, collect race number etc and to do a 1 mile warm up.

After warm up went to start line and gave Gary Fitzpatrick a hug for good luck and wished Pete Mills good luck. I had my lucky pink ascic trainers on and my luck coin from Susan. My race number was 99 (I dont like odd race numbers), one of the marshalls was laughing at me as I said I can either add the 9’s together to make 18 or turn my race number upside down.

We were counted down and off we went, its a very flat race which is quite unusual for me to race on. I could see Gary fly off into the distance and the first lady. I settled down into quite a fast pace over took a few guys. Did first 3 miles in 18 plus minutes was really pleased then 5 miles came in 31 plus minutes. All this time I was trying to catch the first lady. After 5 miles I was getting closer and closer and I finally caught her at 5.5 miles. I thought do I sit behind her or do I overtake her. I decided to go for it and overtake her. She tried to speed up but I wasnt having that I put my foot down abit until I couldnt see her behind me. The second half of the race was tough due to the warmth of the sun and the strong breeze. I was just dreaming of my free icecream and counting down the miles, praying I could keep up the pace. The roads were really long and flat and hardly any runners around me. My legs felt fine but my breathing was not. Finally I was on the final mile which seemed to go on forever. I finished nearly throwing up and exhausted I had given it everything. The second lady finished a minute behind me.

I collected my free bag of fruit, medal and voucher for bonds icecream. Got changed ready for presentation. Won £25 in cash, which I spent in the next sale. After presentation I went to get my free Bonds icecream, so many flavours to choose from. I decided on double chocolate chip and I asked for 2 scoops and said I would pay for the other but the assistant gave it to me for free because I had won.

I finished 1st lady 64:34 and 11th overall.