Liverpool 1/5/10k glory!

On Saturday 30th April, Team Wane made a pilgrimage to Sefton Park. Imogen was entered into the Kids 1km fun run. At the age of just 2years and 4 months, Imogen was becoming a veteran of running events having done 4 previously (Sport relief / Joining Jack). This however was her first run outside the Wigan area, apart from her dashing away from either Mel or myself at the first glimpse of freedom. Mel and I have always said we wanted her to be active so it was a good excuse for a day out.

We’d already seen Fitz win the 5km event in a new PB (great effort – well done mate).



Shortly after the 5km finished, it was Imogen’s turn and we were all lined up in the start funnel.

Soon after, we were off. Imogen was keen to get moving but the loud drums from the dragon band were making her uneasy (as were the crowds) so for the first few hundred meters or so she held our hand. The first chance she had, after the children had spread out, she was off. Around her were children of her own age and she was chirping away to herself. On many occasions she said, “I running!” or “Come on daddy / mummy!” To be honest, I think Mel and I were slowing her down! By the time we were about half way around, she bolted. She’s got a great turn of pace and it took me a few seconds to catch her up. As I was she was giggling away. I got close to her and she kicked again, no stopping but she carried on running! A big grin on her face, she was into her stride now. She carried on for easily 200-250m non-stop. Imogen was waving at marshals, swerving around and playing impromptu games of tig with Mel and me. Every time she caught us, she shouted, “Got you!” and laughed hysterically before running off again. The only time reason she eventually stopped running was that there was a family in front of us. Not being shy, she shouted, “Oh! I can’t get past!” She was racing them I think. I smiled politely as we went around them, Imogen laughed, I just hope she wasn’t goading them… We went around them and she was back running again. A few hundred meters later, she was starting to get tired, the smile still on her face though. She was now only 100m or so from the finish. She looked tiny on the path. Now she was dashing forward then stopping suddenly to recover. A few seconds later she’d be sprinting on ahead, stopping for a breather 10m or so further down. The small crowd were great, as were the marshals, shouting her name and when they did she waved, smiling constantly. Soon she was on the finish line and needed to be coaxed over it. She was more content to jump around on it. Eventually she crossed the line and got her medal. “My medal!” She told us, “I running.”

All in all a great time had. I’ve no idea how long it took. 15-20 minutes. It didn’t matter though, she’d had fun and that was the most important thing. She was very chuffed with her medal and wore it proudly. Personally, I really miss the buggy runs with her but I’m glad that she enjoys the fun runs. It makes up for it. The way she’s going though, I can see her beating me in the near during future runs. She’s quicker than she looks. I can’t wait for the next one with her. Probably the Joining Jack run before the Wigan 10k.

Psyching herself up before the 1km.


Getting into her stride.

Nearly there.

A dash for the line


Well done all Harriers of all ages across all three distances at Liverpool. 😀


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