Captain’s Log

Membership Update from “The Captain” aka Dave Collins

With a new England Athletics affiliation year underway, it’s a good time to take stock of the membership situation and report the credits & debits.


The new membership year always sees a list of non renewals. Moving from the area, injury and that classic of “losing my mojo” are the most common reasons for people leaving the club. If you have lost a mojo, there are plenty of people at the Harriers Endurance Group who will help you look for it! Our best wishes go to David Darbyshire who has succumbed to the bright lights and high life of London, and to Anne Fitzpatrick who has chosen a relaxed lifestyle in the beautiful county of Cornwall. Good luck to you both in finding new running clubs.


Current membership stands at 107, there being 66 men and 41 women. At this same date last year, we had 82 members. A club isn’t all about numbers, but by any standards that is a phenomenal increase in size, particularly taking into account non-renewals. Very many thanks to everyone who has joined, and especially to those who train regularly – the bigger the training groups, the more accommodating they become.


Since the last update we have 14 new members. Welcome to Leanne Morgan-Hillam, Kev Rex, Dave Hartley, Anthony Ackers, Lisa Bryers, Susan Barnard, Martin Lang, Phil Sudworth, Kerry Williams, Chris Disley, Jessica Brookwell, Julie Valentine, Adrienne Barnes, and our youngest member Danny Yates. Some outstanding performances have already been registered by you, but keep turning that black and red vest out.


As always, remember that it is your club. If you have any suggestions as to how it could be improved, or would like to become more involved in any capacity, then speak up. Also, please keep your articles and race reports coming in, as these provide the face that the outside world sees. Hopefully, a happy smiley face 😀, unless you are racing!

Many thanks,



827 setting a good example with this classic race face, 851 you naughty boy!


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