Is summer going to happen?

I make no apology for it but this is an updated article from last year. Guess what? Same weather again……Hailstones the size of small pebbles, frosty cars in the morning! It doesn’t seem like summer is with us yet but fear not it’s just around the corner. One of the first signs of summer is the return of mid-week racing. Hurrah!!

First race on the calendar is the Chorley Trail race at Astley Park, well worth giving it a try as there are always plenty of Harriers for company. Here are some more details.

Chorley Trail Race Series, registration at Baron’s Rest Pub by entrance to Astley Park, Chorley.

Dates: A series of 4 races first Wednesday of the month – May to August at 7.30pm

Further details:

Distance/Ascent: 4.33 miles 60 metres

Terrain: Park paths and trails – wooded sections can sometimes be slightly muddy – Road or Trail shoe

What you need to know: Good race for all abilities. Two lap course but three times up the hill including the finish in front of Astley Hall. Excellent venue for spectators as plenty of opportunities to watch. Junior race held earlier in the evening. Results and prizes are given out in the pub afterwards. Harriers have a good track record of winning indivdual and team prizes. Don’t be too late arriving as the car park fills up fast. Don’t let anyone tell you the hill is hard, you guys are Harriers, you blast bigger hills in training for fun!😀


Here’s a dip in the photo archive!


For any further information just ask one of the coaches, Dave Collins or Mike Harris. Don’t worry if you can’t do this one, there’s a race nearly every week, more news to come on these soon.

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