2UP Firefighter Duathlon

Coniston 14 & 2UP Firefighter Duathlon Weekend

Day 2 Duathlon

Up even earlier, we arrived at Rivington School to be met with organised chaos. Things were not going exactly to plan for the organisers as the timing chips and packs had not all arrived causing a half hour delay. It was cold at that early time and standing around was taking its toll. But as with all Epic Events, the show must go on and eventually we were all under way.

The first leg was a steep climb up towards the pike, but thankfully not all the way, and then a steep descent back to the school for transition. The climb was hard on my calves from the previous days racing but as usual we were able to pick other teams off on the descent.


The bike was a different story, having been out only once since September last year, due to the weather and marathon training, it was always going to be a challenge. Almost immediately the course went up Sheephouse Lane with the steep descent down to Belmont. We climbed Sheephouse without any problems, with only 2 teams passing us. Then came the undulating and straighter sections of the course which although it sounds crazy is my weakest part. I am fine climbing, I can hold my own but my speed on the flat is not up to par and clearly this needs more work, which I intend to address once the marathon is completed. There were quite a few teams that we had passed on the run that had now passed us on the bike section. Heading back towards Rivington the last sting in the tail was not the climb of Anglezark but the sharp hairpin bend at the bottom of the fast and technical descent. Warren has seen his fair share of accidents in other races here and for this reason he gallantly and kindly took the lead to guide me down so that I could simply follow his line.


It was then into the final transition and back on the same 3 and 1/2 mile run up towards the pike and back down. This time not just my calves were sore, every muscle in my legs were aching, the sun was also now out and I was absolutely exhausted. I could so easily have given up at any point on the ascent but there was no way Warren was going to let me. In the back of mind mind I kept telling myself that once we got to the descent I would be fine and again we kept picking a few teams off and improving our overall standings.

We finished in a time of 2:58 and sat down on the kerb. Warren said well done and words of encouragement but my thoughts and gaze were fixed elsewhere and I responded with “I want one of them!” and so the only way to properly finish two days of back to back racing….. A double Mr Whippy with double sherbet, raspberry sauce and a flake HEAVEN!




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