Epic adventure…

Maybe, maybe not but at least I’ve grabbed your interest!

We are now half way through the Mid Lancs season with fixture number 4 this Saturday 16th January. It’s at a course renowned for being very dry, quick and easy – Wilson Playing Fields Hyndburn especially after all the dry weather.

Right I can’t lie…it’s a muddy tough challenge but a fantastic Cross Country course. Some of you will have had the pleasure already this season, taking part in the Red Rose fixture. People pay a small fortune to run challenge and obstacle races, why when you can do this with the Harriers!!

It might even trump Sefton’s mud…


These are the timings for the different age groups, please cheer on the younger runners if you get chance.

Approx Distances
(12.30pm u11 girls) ~ 2K
(12.45pm u11 boys)~ 2K
1.00pm u13 girls 2.5K
1.20pm u15 girls and u13 boys 3K
1.40pm u15 boys and u17 women 4K
2.00pm u17 men; jnr, snr & vet women 6K
2.30pm jnr, snr and vet men 9-10K

If anyone requires a lift please ask at training. If in doubt just do it, we need everyone please, that includes you! Yes you reading this now!


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