I’m a Harrier get me out of here!

This might need to be anonymous but the bruises will probably give it away on Saturday…

I’m putting myself up for a Half Darwin award for last night’s little accident in the hope that this salutary tale prevents others from being such a numpty. (Half Darwin because I lived to tell the tale but if I’d been a bloke I wouldn’t be here now – further reproduction being unlikely.)

I was running along in the dark when I came to some road works across the path. It was on a blind bend and I didn’t fancy going out into the road round them. The barriers across the path were down, I could see the path ahead looked OK so I headed in. Not sure if I looked up at some fireworks or came to a bit where the trees were blocking the streetlights more than previously but suddenly I was down a hole. Or more precisely one leg was down a narrow slice – cut for a pipe presumably – dangling from an elbow on one side and unmentionables on the other. Fished myself out – “hmm, good mud / blood covering but hey that’s only pride and skin – my Garmin’s alright!”

The moral of this story is that road work barriers are probably there for a reason – respect them!

Get yourself along to Red Rose Cross Country Hyndburn this Saturday if you want to fathom out which Harrier fell down a hole this week!


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