Prizes Prizes Prizes

The final summer mid week race is usually a sign of summer coming to an end. It seemed like summer never really got going this year and the end of August was really a precursor to a prolonged spell of settled weather.

The Harrock series had not been so well attended this summer, some of the 2014 Harriers entrants had suffered injuries or other commitments. Wigan had seen less boxes of fruit and veg heading it’s way and this was the last chance to correct this. On the morning of the race Mike’s Dad was rushed to hospital critically ill and this turn of events scuppered his chances of a 13th consecutive Harrock appearance.

It was left to a very select band of Harriers to maintain the excellent record of the club in this race.

Dave was running his 3rd race of the series so a good run would potentially give him a chance of a series prize. Other regular attendees Danielle and Shona had also given themselves a chance at series prizes with some great summer performances. Jayne hadn’t run so many so would have to be content with a shot at the race fruit & veg.

All the Harriers survived which was great news that the “Harrock Cows” bid for local domination had been scuppered for another year.

image (3)

Dave Collins 39:02 1st M50

Jayne Taylor 41:19 1st L50

Danielle Brearton 43:28

Shona Taylor 51:20

I’m not sure the boxes ever looked quite this good….

image (4)

After completion of the race prizes it was time for the series awards, vouchers from The Endurance Store were the lovely reward!

Expectations were low….

2nd M50 Dave Collins

2nd M40 Mike Harris

1st L50 Shona Taylor

3rd Lady Danielle Brearton

…but much to Dave’s surprise he picked up M50 prize and also a M40 prize for Mike in his absence, a great consolation prize for Mike considering his day. The ladies were also scooping the prizes – Shona and Danielle having an excellent series.

Mike had a decent summer gathering vouchers from every local race series held over the summer (Jayne Taylor style). Here’s what he spent those hard earned vouchers on.


Thanks to the Endurance Store for their sponsorship of the summer races.


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