Pilling 10k PB’s

The last of this years Pilling 10K was on the 17th Oct and I had decided to do it along with my wife Lisa and her friend Tanya, writes Paul Bryers. I had mentioned it to Barry a few week ago and on the Saturday morning we where heading north, passing Dave Collins on his morning sprint up Aspull.

Barry was in the middle of his marathon training so for our warm up it was a easy 3 miles. As we were chatting he said he was going to run it easy as he had had a big week and had already ran 70 mile.

As the race started I raced off not giving a thought to Baz as I wanted to get under 40 mins. After about 2 mile you do a U turn and head back passing all the other runnings. I was looking for Baz but he was nowhere to be seen.

Then as I slowed down I heard a voice as he passed me, “ come on Paul tuck in behind me” It was the machine who had been sat on my shoulder for the first few miles.

We where in a group of 4 by this point and continued to work together, pulling each other on taking it in turns to lead the group.

As we came around the final corner 40 mins had just gone but both of us got PB’s and really enjoyed the race.

Sorry Lisa and Tanja PB’d as well !!


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