Wigan Marathon – Pies the Limit

Yes, you’re not imagining it. Wigan will host its very own marathon on Sunday 24th January 2016, and everyone is invited to help out or take part.

Earlier in the year, we were approached by Ben Smith to ask if we could come up with a marathon route in and around Wigan. Ben is attempting to run a marathon a day for 401 consecutive days, starting 1st September 2015. He will be running many of the big official marathons, but the bulk of his runs will be routes devised by running clubs like ourselves.

Ben suffered bullying for many years, and he is running to raise money for anti-bullying charities. His story and the background to the event can be read at http://www.the401challenge.co.uk/.

The Wigan marathon was dreamt up by Jayne Taylor, and is included on his website at the following link http://www.the401challenge.co.uk/marathons/marathon-146-wigan.

It proved surprisingly difficult to get the distance up to 26 miles – you seem to think that you have gone further than you actually have – but we eventually settled on the route below.



We are looking for people to run the course with Ben. You don’t need to run the whole route. You can choose the distance you are able to cover with him. He is currently running at around a 12 minute mile pace. By the time he gets to us it may be even slower, and so is within all of our capabilities. It will be very leisurely and social – he even does coffee stops!

We will be issuing further information closer to the day, but it would be good if we could provide support for Ben throughout his run, so please put the date in your diaries and let Jayne know if you are interested.

Obviously this provides a great opportunity to publicise the club, and any suggestions would be more than welcome. And no, we are not producing medals! Unless someone has a contact?

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