Jubilee 5 mile August ’15

The last Jubilee Race of the season saw a modest number of Harriers but high on quality, lol!

Turning out in his 4th Jubilee race of the season was Mike Harris accompanied by Dave Collins and Jayne Taylor dipping their toe back into the race as good preparation for the Langdale races they had planned for September. Completing the line up was two new Harriers who have raced plenty this summer, Daniel Parkinson and Paul Walker.

Mike had interesting preparation for the race, squeezing in a Chiropractor visit and spinning the car on his return journey in the rain. Not sure which had the bigger impact on him but the legs seemed to be swinging more freely!

Writing this report left me intrigued as to why so many sports clubs are called Harriers? I’m sure somebody reading this must know! The reason I ask this is that for most of the race three Harriers were in a very tight formation. A flock/squadron/pack in a V formation. Jayne asked Dave afterwards whether was running flat out….he was and so was Mike!

During the first lap the Harriers all seemed to be concentrating on their own form but towards the end of the first lap there was a realisation that three of their number were bunched very tightly. Dave, Mike & Jayne were running in close formation, with Jayne tucked in behind the two chaps. And so it was to remain until deep into the race, Jayne keeping the pressure on the boys and staying sheltered!

In the last mile our trio splintered to see Dave home first in 31:48 in 20th followed by Mike in 31:57 in 23rd and Jayne in 32:04. Not too far behind was Daniel in 34:00 and Paul in 35:17. Another good showing from Wigan Harriers.


From the first three races of the series Mike was leading V40 so a decent finish would cement a prize. With dreams of adding to his burgeoning Endurance Store voucher collection Mike waited for the prize giving together with rest of the Harriers. Jayne collected vouchers for first L50 in the race but it was wine for the series winners, bad luck Mike. Well done Jayne and Mike.



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