Record Harriers turnout at Wigan 10k

Sunny skies were the reward for a sparkling turnout from Wigan Harriers. Record numbers of 51 entered our home town race with equally impressive numbers managing the DW Stadium water station and marshalling key points on the course.

After some caffeine fuelling there was time for a quick group photo of just some of the Harriers involved.

imageimageimageBlack and red vests were a common sight around the course and we were lucky to have a number of great photographs taken capturing many of the Harriers in action! Here’s just a few of them…







51 Harriers did themselves and the club proud, well done!

Wigan Harriers roll of honour

Competitor Name


Chip Time

Andrew Kaufman 00:34:55
Daniel Gray 00:35:25
Andy Ratcliffe 00:36:11
Declan Oneill 00:36:41
Bozhidar Kasabov 00:37:15
Irshad Hamza 00:38:19
Colin Mcevoy 00:39:09
Robin Chan 00:39:17
Mike Harris 00:39:28
Chris Burton 00:40:25
Steven Bayliss 00:40:28
Jayne Taylor 00:40:46
Daniel Parkinson 00:41:03
David Darbyshire 00:41:13
Barry Abram 00:41:36
Paul Platt 00:41:39
Paul Bryers 00:41:42
Gareth Holland 00:41:44
Gary Wane 00:42:19
Christopher Green 00:42:38
Paul Walker 00:42:40
Charlotte Newsham 00:43:03
Stuart Hamilton 00:43:52
Chris Kinsella 00:44:12
Stuart Holding 00:44:31
Dean Atherton 00:44:47
Paul Fisher 00:45:11
Julie Platt 00:45:17
Darren Horrocks 00:49:23
Daniel Saunders 00:49:32
James Pentland 00:49:32
Catherine Fisher 00:51:37
Peter Gregory 00:52:14
Emma Saunders 00:53:05
Stuart Gibson 00:54:23
Pauline Foster 00:55:28
Tony Foster 00:55:28
Anne Fitzpatrick 00:57:19
Paul Brierton 00:58:13
Sarah Coates 00:58:40
Pat Cole 00:59:21
Pauline Taylor 00:59:21
Adele Lowe 00:59:28
Sam Blakeman 00:59:28
Lindsay Freeman 00:59:38
Melanie Wane 00:59:39
Becki Kaufman 01:00:13
Lindsey Jones 01:00:19
Rebecca Swindlehurst 01:02:16
Emma Souness 01:03:10
Sarah Edwards 01:06:10

imageimageimageimageIf there are any registered Harriers missed off this list then I can only apologise and add you in. It’s a full time job tracking over 50 runners!!

It was then time to clear up, recover and celebrate!

Congratulations to the men who were first male team and Jayne Taylor for 1st L50.

Well done also to those who have trained with us recently and completed the race. We look to forward to seeing you again soon and hopefully joining us in the black & red vests!image

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