Training venue change 29th September

Please note there is a venue change for Tuesday 29th Sept.

18.30 Coppull Lane. (Latics are playing a home game)

Meet at the top of Coppull lane next to Swinley Labour Club, which is between Tesco and Wigan Infirmary at the top of Central Park Way.

There is some parking around the club.
2 hours free parking on Tesco. The parking on Wigan lane is free after 18.00 (please check the meters before you leave your car).
Also, Darren Horrocks has advised of plenty parking off Standishgate, which is on the other side of the main road opposite The Swinley. There is a tunnel between 12 and 14 Lord street that leads to the
carpark around the back.

If the car park fills up, Lord Street itself has 2 hours free parking on the right hand side (one way street), and the next street over, Charles Street, has the same but on the left.

Jubilee 5 mile August ’15

The last Jubilee Race of the season saw a modest number of Harriers but high on quality, lol!

Turning out in his 4th Jubilee race of the season was Mike Harris accompanied by Dave Collins and Jayne Taylor dipping their toe back into the race as good preparation for the Langdale races they had planned for September. Completing the line up was two new Harriers who have raced plenty this summer, Daniel Parkinson and Paul Walker.

Mike had interesting preparation for the race, squeezing in a Chiropractor visit and spinning the car on his return journey in the rain. Not sure which had the bigger impact on him but the legs seemed to be swinging more freely!

Writing this report left me intrigued as to why so many sports clubs are called Harriers? I’m sure somebody reading this must know! The reason I ask this is that for most of the race three Harriers were in a very tight formation. A flock/squadron/pack in a V formation. Jayne asked Dave afterwards whether was running flat out….he was and so was Mike!

During the first lap the Harriers all seemed to be concentrating on their own form but towards the end of the first lap there was a realisation that three of their number were bunched very tightly. Dave, Mike & Jayne were running in close formation, with Jayne tucked in behind the two chaps. And so it was to remain until deep into the race, Jayne keeping the pressure on the boys and staying sheltered!

In the last mile our trio splintered to see Dave home first in 31:48 in 20th followed by Mike in 31:57 in 23rd and Jayne in 32:04. Not too far behind was Daniel in 34:00 and Paul in 35:17. Another good showing from Wigan Harriers.


From the first three races of the series Mike was leading V40 so a decent finish would cement a prize. With dreams of adding to his burgeoning Endurance Store voucher collection Mike waited for the prize giving together with rest of the Harriers. Jayne collected vouchers for first L50 in the race but it was wine for the series winners, bad luck Mike. Well done Jayne and Mike.


English Half Marathon

After the exertions of the relays the day earlier, I arrived in a foggy Warrington not confident of a good race writes Gary Wane.

I dumped my bag into the baggage area before briefly seeing the Towns duo and Pete Gregory. I went out and found Chris Green and we went on a brief warm up. On our way to the start we bumped into Paul Platt and Gaz Holland. Talk was of sub 1hr 30 and 1hr 35 times. I was hoping for a sub 1hr 45 and hoping to at least be close to my PB of 1hr 39m 39s. Run to 10miles and see where I’m at was my plan. PB pace and see how long I could hold it.
Soon the race started and we were off. Paul Platt slowly pulled away with Chris Green whilst I settled in next to Mr Holland. Stuart Towns soon passed and by mile 2 as we passed Victoria Park, Gaz pulled away from me too. I felt low and my legs were feeling heavy already. Still only 11miles to go…. My stomach dropped! It was going to be a long morning.

The course went up over a bridge (flat course my arse I thought) and I heard my watch beep. I looked at the 5km mark and, with some quick maths, realised I was quicker then my previous PB pace. I perked up and though just keep it going. And I did through the steady climb through km 6,7 and even passing Chris Green coming up to mile 5. As I passed him my only thoughts were, “Keep going keep him behind you as long as possible, he’ll pass you later when your legs go.”

The country roads and water stations passed and soon I passed the half way point – just over 47minutes, still on PB pace. I was surprised. The same was through mile 7 and 8 then we hit a big downhill section. I was now overtaking people on the downs and my pace had increased! I was overtaking people and felt great. I was bouncing and my mindset was changing. I arrived at a big hill up to the bridge and just kept my head down, pumping my arms and passing more runners. I went over the top of the bridge and saw a few people ahead. I kicked again to catch up some runners ahead. My only thoughts were keep going. With a mile or so to go we entered the town centre. I was with a Warrington runner. We passed a large bunch of runners from his club encouraging him. One shouted, “Come on, do him!” He passed me.


I got angry. I passed him back straight away and thought, “Suicide pace! Quick finish or collapse trying.” Soon I was at the 13mile mark with my legs screaming. I can only imagine my gurn. I was still ahead of the Warrington runner and we were both passing people. I turned the final corner and went. I can only liken it to an out of body experience. I have no idea how I kept my dash to the line going. I felt I was out of control of my legs. I honestly don’t think I could have stopped if I tried. I passed a few runners in the last 50m and crossed the line. I must have stopped my Garmin as I don’t remember much except my legs being on fire and feeling sick. I came around a bit and realised I was on my haunches in the corner near a metal fence. I stood up and was handed a medal. I looked at my watch. 1hr 35m 38s. Boom. New PB. It nearly killed me but I did it. Part of me is still in Warrington but I don’t mind. PB!!!


Chorley Trail Race August ’15

The ever pleasant surroundings of Astley Park were the setting for the first mid-week race of August. This was a Central Lancashire Grand Prix fixture so a bumper crop of runners was guaranteed and so it turned out.

The cool conditions epitomised the type of summer we had experienced, good running weather maybe but not so good for a chilling with a pint afterwards. After a summer of dodging any race with Mike, Dave Collins finally made an appearance at Chorley. There had been a stream of reasonably (just about) legitimate reasons but it was good to see him back, likewise Jayne was running too. Making a debut at Chorley was everyone’s favoutite beard propagator Howard Avery. Making up the posse was Paul Walker making his Harriers debut.

A series of consistent performances at Chorley (V40 2nd, 3rd, 2nd) had left Mike in the pole position as leading V40 for the series so a solid run would see the job done and maybe a prize as just three races counted.

After giving Howard a quick course tutorial it was time to get racing. Howard showed just how far he has progressed this year with a superb 8th place in 26.05, the results rather annoyingly showed him later as unattached (not very useful for team counting). 8th in a Grand Prix is a great effort.

Mike spurred by the thought of both vouchers and Dave beating him, came home 41st in 28:44. Swiftly followed by Dave in 45th with 28:50. Jayne has raced more sparingly this year but has made it count, this night was no exception with a great 29.08, 50th place & 1st L50. Making a great racing debut was Paul Walker in 31:49. Unfortunately Howard’s unattached status was to rob of us of a team result.

So with near certain hope of some prizes, the Harriers gathered in the Baron’s Rest afterwards for a congratulatory pint of Guiness whilst the results were compiled.

I won’t dwell too long on what happened next as a PC crash can happen to anyone. It unfortunately trashed the results making the wait lengthy and the prize giving flawed. Nevertheless Jayne eventually claimed her prize for the race as 1st L50 and Mike after asking got his series prize for 1st V40. Who said old age is bad for you!

Well done to all the runners who represented the club at Chorley this summer, some fantastic performances.


Training this week

The dark nights are creeping back so don’t forget training this Tuesday is at the DW Stadium. You will be very lonely if you go to Haigh Hall in error!

Both sessions this week are at the DW and there is Mid Lancs Cross Country this Saturday at Astley Park Chorley.



Road Relays Champs Blackpool

A strong contingent of Harriers headed the short journey north to Stanley Park for the Northern Athletics Road Relay Championships. It was a return to the same course of two years ago accompanied by glorious sunny weather.

Here’s Becki’s account of the day including the start of the Ladies race. (Statto was oblivious to the drama back at the track, sweltering out on the course)

Waking up to blue skies and the glorious sun on Saturday morning set the scene for the 6 stage relays in Blackpool.

This was a first experience for us Kaufman’s, role reversal of me running and Andy on child and spectator duty. Again I weirdly didn’t have any nerves just excitement for the event.

What a turn out for the Harriers: 3 full male teams and 4 full female teams, gone are the days of looking everywhere to make 1 full female team!

2pm and the men were off. They shot off past the cheers of the tent; Howard, Mike and Gaz W all looking determined to get their teams off to a good start.

2:05 a little bit of a mix up, on the website it was a 2:15 start for ladies which made it a little messy. Mel and Pat shot over once seeing the other ladies lining up, we all hoped Jayne was there but no Shona in sight. Once spotted she had to jump over the fence and start at least 30 seconds after everyone else, but what a storming first run she had considering dealing with that pressure!

The fun had started and it was time to know your team and who you were running after, plus when to attempt to get onto the track to warm up on the grass. After many years of being a spectator, I came in useful when spotting Harriers returning to the track and recognising different running styles (please don’t tell me how you can tell its me!- Editor’s note multi coloured leggings help somewhat!!). For our team D, Pat set off with a fantastic run in 28.56 and passing the team to Mandy, who pushed herself out of her comfort zone and being really happy with her sweltering run with a brilliant time of 31.24 (much faster than last year!)

Here it was, my turn to push myself for the team. It was a lonely run which made it more important for me to concentrate and keep on track (no watch just had to go off how I was feeling). Men shot past and the ladies A teams started to come by but this didn’t faze me, I was on a roll! The inclines, declines, tree stumps and lovely runs next to ponds made everything interesting, however the heat didn’t! Drips of sweat running down my forehead, heavy breathing and dry mouths made it even more obvious.

Stevie Nics came flying past looking amazing and then I knew Danielle (A team) would be gaining on me….how far would I get before being caught. Once again I surprised myself and got further than expected.

As I could see the track I realised I’d given everything as my ‘kick’ wasn’t as noticeable as usual, yet the cheers from the Mass of Black and Red Harriers must have helped to push me around the track towards Emma. I finished my 5.2K in 29.20, another happy smile from me!

FACT: something learnt = no matter how hard you push it, no matter how much your lungs feel like they won’t work anymore, NOTHING (and I mean nothing) hurts as much as sweat dripping into your eyes!!! Oh gosh, the pain! I had made it back to the tent and decided to pour water onto my head to cool it…DON’T unless you have a towel waiting to wipe the water before it hits your eyes.

The male and female results show how well everyone ran, well done to all Harriers and thank you to all who cheered us home!

The Ladies

27 Wigan & District H & AC ‘A’ 1:26:53
Jayne Taylor (33) 20:42
Nina Fisher (33) 22:25
Julie Platt (31) 22:11
Danielle Brearton (27) 21:35

48 Wigan & District H & AC ‘B’ 1:38:55
Shona Taylor (62) 25:36
Jacqueline Jones (53) 22:30
Catherine Fisher (53) 26:18
Deborah Raisbeck (49) 24:31

61 Wigan & District H & AC ‘C’ 1:54:22
Melanie Wane (71) 30:20
Pauline Foster (66) 27:12
Pauline Taylor (62) 29:03
Lindsay Freeman (62) 27:47

62 Wigan & District H & AC ‘D’ 2:01:46
Pat Cole (70) 28:56
Amanda Borthwick (68) 31:24
Rebecca Kaufman (64) 29:20
Emma Souness (63) 32:06

The Men

55 Wigan & District H & AC ‘A’ 2:22:54
H Avery (53) 22:44
Gary Fitzpatrick (55) 23:00
Daniel Gray (47) 22:23
Stephen Nicholls (52) 24:42
Colin McEvoy (57) 25:27
Tim Pilkington (55) 24:38

79 Wigan & District H & AC ‘B’ 2:38:09
Mike Harris (93) 25:30
Paul Mason (90) 25:41
Paul Bryers (86) 26:04
Barry Abram (85) 27:35
Paul Platt (84) 26:24
Gareth Holland (80) 26:55

99 Wigan & District H & AC ‘C’ 2:56:44
Gary Wane (103) 27:08
Kevin Edwards (98) 26:51
Luke Critchley (98) 29:06
Paul Fisher (102) 29:48
Tony Foster (101) 29:02
Paul Derbyshire (100) 34:49




Just to reiterate Becki’s comments, a fantastic well done to everyone, excellent performances. Also a big thank you to the roadies and supporters who did a great job positioning the Harriers tent in the BEST place ever and providing a massive cheer for every runner heading out and coming back in!

Rumour has it that Dave Collins hasn’t washed his face since Sunday!

Onto the Cross Country season – hurrah!!

Cross Country season ahoy!

With the completion of the autumn road relays sees the start of the Cross Country season looming large.

As a club we compete in two leagues Red Rose and Mid Lancs which gives anyone really keen an opportunity to run 10 times! Don’t worry no expects anyone to be that foolhardy!

With all the talk of mud you might expect bogs and puddles but often courses especially in early season are benign and a great opportunity to improve strength and stamina. You’ll be following in the footsteps (but maybe slightly slower) of Mo and Paula who both started out competing in Cross Country events.

All the dates are now on the website so please have a look and see what you can do, whether it’s one, two or all, you’ll be guaranteed a warm welcome to the Harriers tent. Don’t worry all abilities are welcome and boxes of cakes are always a firm favourite amongst the Harriers post race.

2014-10-25 13.28.58imageimageimageimageimageimage

Who can do it? You can!

7 months after giving birth and it was time for my debut run for Wigan Harriers Endurance writes Becki Kaufman.

5 weeks after giving birth I was itching to get out for a run and to shed those unwanted pounds, 32 minutes and 3.1k later I realised it was a tad early to be running, however 3 weeks later I couldn’t wait any longer.

It was really hard starting again, legs aching, everything wobbling (not attractive) and ridiculously out of breath – don’t think pushing Fox (8 weeks old) in the pram made things any easier. Even though it was hard it was fantastic to be out, running with Mel and Mandy, plus everyone being so welcoming and excited for me.

As the weeks went by, the miles clocked up, things were shrinking which was making running easier so, in a mad moment of weakness, ‘Congratulations you’ve signed up for Wigan 10K!’ ‘OK,’ I thought, ‘I’ll aim for under 1:10:00 for my first 10K.’ Towards summer we started to do one track session per fortnight with Andy, putting us through our paces (I’m sure at times labour hurt less) however I could feel the benefits, less wobbling and getting stronger physically and mentally.

A few friends…..

RACE DAY!!! Here it was and I was weirdly excited about it. Aim: to enjoy it and be tired at the end. What a mental game it was, not to get sucked along at the beginning and die, to keep concentration otherwise the pace drops ….never had to concentrate like this at swimming! Setting of I saw the camera man….breathe in quick… then to settle into the race, running on my own to prove I could do it on my own.





As I rounded left at Beech hill lights I looked at my watch to see 11 minutes, excitement arose as I realised I would make it past Martland Mill before Andy would go across. Much further along the DW road than expected I high fived Andy as he shot passed. I started to say ‘Well done’ to all Wigan Harriers, Dan, Andy R, Dec, Bobby, unfortunately the rest just had a thumbs up as I needed all the oxygen available .

Rounding DW it was wonderful to see Graham, my Mum and Dad, Tim, Nina and the Kids. The cheer was even better and uplifting (Thanks Guys), I arrived at 5K in 28mins, over a minute PB J Woohoo what a start.

Martland Mill was quiet and this is when the heat hit: no breeze, lots of hot and sweaty runners, plus a lot of heavy breathing making things hard. This was the beginning of my mental game. The long incline came but I didn’t feel it (obviously the pram pushing gave me extra muscles) it was just how long I’d been running without talking to anyone was amazing me!!!

Home run: hitting the park and suddenly it became rather crowded. Sarah shot past and I realised I was dying, however ‘Go Becki’ was yelled across the park and I saw Andy bounding over the grass. Here I thought I smiled but apparently it looked the complete opposite and seriously peed off (sorry if anyone else got that face I promise it must have been the effort!). Weaving through the park was hard, was it ever going to end?!? Eventually we popped out of the park and my Garmin beeped 10K 59 minutes….hmm no end aarrgg! Final corner and I heard, ‘Just like the track’ so I put my head down and dug in deep, feeling the change in pace was amazing, over taking people was even better, but the best was finishing in 1:00:13 – obviously the big hug from Richie as I crossed the line was amazing too J however the beaming smile from Andy made me realise my achievement!

Who would have thought that exactly to the day 7 months earlier I’d have finished my first 10K?

Thank You to everyone who helped. Running with me, giving me a welcome hug, the ‘You’re looking great’, ‘Great to see you running again’, ‘Fantastic effort, keep it going.’ All of you helped me to achieve this…. Guess what? I’ve even been looking for other races now!!

Record Harriers turnout at Wigan 10k

Sunny skies were the reward for a sparkling turnout from Wigan Harriers. Record numbers of 51 entered our home town race with equally impressive numbers managing the DW Stadium water station and marshalling key points on the course.

After some caffeine fuelling there was time for a quick group photo of just some of the Harriers involved.

imageimageimageBlack and red vests were a common sight around the course and we were lucky to have a number of great photographs taken capturing many of the Harriers in action! Here’s just a few of them…







51 Harriers did themselves and the club proud, well done!

Wigan Harriers roll of honour

Competitor Name


Chip Time

Andrew Kaufman 00:34:55
Daniel Gray 00:35:25
Andy Ratcliffe 00:36:11
Declan Oneill 00:36:41
Bozhidar Kasabov 00:37:15
Irshad Hamza 00:38:19
Colin Mcevoy 00:39:09
Robin Chan 00:39:17
Mike Harris 00:39:28
Chris Burton 00:40:25
Steven Bayliss 00:40:28
Jayne Taylor 00:40:46
Daniel Parkinson 00:41:03
David Darbyshire 00:41:13
Barry Abram 00:41:36
Paul Platt 00:41:39
Paul Bryers 00:41:42
Gareth Holland 00:41:44
Gary Wane 00:42:19
Christopher Green 00:42:38
Paul Walker 00:42:40
Charlotte Newsham 00:43:03
Stuart Hamilton 00:43:52
Chris Kinsella 00:44:12
Stuart Holding 00:44:31
Dean Atherton 00:44:47
Paul Fisher 00:45:11
Julie Platt 00:45:17
Darren Horrocks 00:49:23
Daniel Saunders 00:49:32
James Pentland 00:49:32
Catherine Fisher 00:51:37
Peter Gregory 00:52:14
Emma Saunders 00:53:05
Stuart Gibson 00:54:23
Pauline Foster 00:55:28
Tony Foster 00:55:28
Anne Fitzpatrick 00:57:19
Paul Brierton 00:58:13
Sarah Coates 00:58:40
Pat Cole 00:59:21
Pauline Taylor 00:59:21
Adele Lowe 00:59:28
Sam Blakeman 00:59:28
Lindsay Freeman 00:59:38
Melanie Wane 00:59:39
Becki Kaufman 01:00:13
Lindsey Jones 01:00:19
Rebecca Swindlehurst 01:02:16
Emma Souness 01:03:10
Sarah Edwards 01:06:10

imageimageimageimageIf there are any registered Harriers missed off this list then I can only apologise and add you in. It’s a full time job tracking over 50 runners!!

It was then time to clear up, recover and celebrate!

Congratulations to the men who were first male team and Jayne Taylor for 1st L50.

Well done also to those who have trained with us recently and completed the race. We look to forward to seeing you again soon and hopefully joining us in the black & red vests!image