Horwich Jubilee 5 mile road race July ’15

Horwich Jubilee 15th July by special reporter The Kaveman.

A small field of just 3 Wigan Harriers made it to the start line for the 3rd round of the Jubilee – Just! Andy Kaufman, Mike Harris and Gary ‘The Hulk’ Wane. Andy didn’t realise that the start had moved back by about 100 metres and just made the line 30 seconds before the start.

Andy went off with the front pack and stuck next to the eventual winner from Bolton. The Bolton runner made his move to distance himself and they both moved clear from the rest. By the end of the first lap the Bolton runner just had a little bit more strength and distanced Andy. Andy stayed 2nd for most the lap but was pipped to third on the line by 2 seconds as he paid for his earlier efforts to win the race. True to his word after the Chorley race he went with the leader, as you have to be in it to win it! His form is improving and although he lost 2nd there were no regrets. Give it another 2 weeks and he’ll stay with the leader and we will see what happens.

Mike Harris came through 19th place & 2nd V40 to his annoyance as his form is so good at the moment he expects those after race prizes. He said before the race he was going to hurt and leave it all on the road tonight. He ran strong and hard and took a few local scalps that he battles with normally. His stiffness after the race highlighting the effort he put in.

Gary Wane followed in shortly in 38th place well in the top third of the field He blanked Andy’s congrats and proceed to hunch in a corner for 4 minutes to properly recover. His hulk trainers powering him along to a superhuman effort. 6 minutes later we were walking back along the finish line when he pointed out a guy finishing who he said he used to finish with last year. You can really tell he has a lot of confidence in his running now and believes he has the ability to push his expected level of performance. Look carefully and these days you’ll see a green tinge to his skin after a race, look out Lakeland the Hulk is coming for you!



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