Chorley Trail Race July ’15

Kaveman’s view from the front

I turned up to the race not expecting much with no confidence in my pace as I had only just got back into training. I arrived after a quick trip to Sportsdirect to buy all my race gear as I didn’t have time to get home. I headed to the start line looking at the competition trying to assess my finishing position and was quietly annoyed that I might be out of the prizes after seeing the competition.

The race started and I was quietly surprised not to see the front group speed off and even more surprised when at the top of the hill I was finding the pace quite easy. After the first mile two guys pulled ahead leaving myself and a runner from Leigh who had soundly beaten me at Haigh Hall a few weeks back. I stayed with the Leigh runner thinking he was better than me and I should hold back. Half way through the first lap I finally realised that he was holding me back. I eased past him and moved after the 2 leaders who were about 40 meters ahead. The distance kept the same between me and the two leaders as we started the 2nd and last lap. I could hear the Leigh runner behind me breathing heavily and realised I had him and so just concentrated on the leaders. Half way through the 2nd lap I realised I was never going to catch the winner so relaxed the pace and conserved energy. The guy in 2nd was visibly dropping pace and I knew I would get to him near the end. By dropping the pace I let the Leigh runner come past me who kicked a little to try and distance me thinking I was flagging. I coolly stayed about a metre behind him letting him put his effort in and burn some energy. As we reached the last tarmac he accelerated and I followed. We both reached the 2nd place man at the bottom of the hill and both eased past him. I pulled along the Leigh runner as we crested the steep part and accelerated away holding my form to the finish putting a good 10 metres between us by the line. It was the first race I had real confidence in my finish holding a hard sustained effort for over 200 meters. The track speed sessions really have made an amazing difference to my speed endurance and strength. I finished 2nd and was proud and surprised with my performance – just got to back myself next time and take the fight to the winner. I gave him too much respect at the start line and didn’t even fight for the win. I am not saying that I would of beaten him, but I am saying at least I would of had the chance to. Next race I will be at the front.

Statto’s bit….

First Harrier home was Andy Kaufman in an OCD pleasing 25:00 dead, in 2nd place. Next in was Mike Harris in 28:43 and 12th place. Daniel Parkinson finished in an excellent 22nd place with 30:20. 65th place & 35:11 was Chris Kinsella’s reward for his efforts. Chris managed to secure 4th place for the men’s team. Excellent work Harriers men!

Going into the final race of the series Mike is 2nd place in the Vet’s standings and 5th overall.

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