Harrock Hill Race June ’15

In the first of a series of reporting scoops we have an interview with the Kaveman and hear news from the front and the battles that happen whilst we labour some distance back!

The Kaveman reports….

This was my first Harrock Hill race of the year, after missing the 1st with injury. I love this race both due to the course and the prizes which are a box of fruit and veg. Erica (my 3 year old) expects to receive fruit at the pub from my winnings and duly told me so before the race start. The course is tough with a horrible start straight up and mixed terrain never allowing you to create a rhythm but I think it flows really well and keeps you engrossed all the way and always leaves you with a smile and a little story at the finish.

The race started and we shot up the hill. There are always a few guys who bolt up this part and again there were a few. I allowed them to pull away a few metres knowing that this was the first hill I had run up in over 9 months, but also knowing that I descend faster than most and there is a good decent as you get to the top which I duly took a few guys on and moved into 3rd as the narrow wood section started. The 2 guys in front were strong and held their distance from me even though I was trying hard to catch them. About half way the eventual winner moved off on his own. I could see the 2nd guy, I worked hard to stay with him and then just to keep the pace but the winner was a class act and moved off easily. By half way my hill legs had left me and the guy in 2nd pulled a little distance away every time the incline rose. I would pull a little back on the flat but that 2nd third of the race has a lot of dragging ups and requires strong legs. I kept working hard not wanting to show weakness to the 4th placed man about 200 meters back but I thought that my run to now was just about consolidation of my third place. As we started the last long winding path down near the end I sensed that the 2nd place guy about 150 meters ahead was really tying up and so I really picked up the pace. As I emerged from the last bushed section onto the last open field he was about 80 metres ahead but running visibly tired. I looked up and sensed 2nd place but lost concentration on my descent and turned my ankle badly. Amateur mistake!!! I turn my ankle all the time fell running and most the time you run it off and the pain eases after a few strides, but occasionally you know it is bad and this was one of those times.I pulled my pace and watched the 2nd guy ease away from me. I controlled my pace so that I kept 3rd place safe. A little disappointed that I could of had 2nd but then fell running adds extra dimensions for you to concentrate on and that’s what makes it fun. One lapse of concentration can have a big impact on the outcome. I collected my box of fruit and veg which kept the little one happy and also picked a bottle of wine for the team prize – a cracking evening had.

The toughest mid week race saw a great turn out of seven runners.

Andy Kaufman bought the teams home in 3rd place, 34:53, we are getting used to these podium finishes (yawn yawn, lol!). Next in with a personal best on the current course was Mike Harris in 37:49 and a great 12th place. Making a return to mid week ranks was the Captain, Dave Collins who showed his love for the course with 39:21. Warren was next, just like Kev Edwards using the Lakeland 50 as a training exercise for the later Harrock races, Warren was 29th in 40:09.

Not only did we have a team of men but we had a Ladies team too.First time running for Harriers was Danielle Brearton in a fantastic 42.34, then serial racers Karen Schofield in 47:49 and Shona Taylor in 48:50, both excellent runs.

These efforts were enough to secure team prizes for both Men and Women along with Andy’s box of fruit and veg. Brilliant work Harriers!

Third race in the series is Wednesday 22nd July 7.30pm. Race HQ Farmer’s Arms.


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