Chorley Trail Race June ’15

In a blink of an eye we were already into June and a second month of mid week racing. A damp day had eased to give cool conditions at Astley Park in Chorley.

After some speedy times in May, many of the Harriers were looking forward to pushing on and going just a little faster. in the 2nd round of this series. Making his season debut was Andy Kaufman who was having a little run out to test injured limbs before the weekend’s track meet. Karen Schofield was steadily working her way through the calendar of available events and ticking them off, tick! Andy was joined by Mike Harris, two Chris’s “Burton & Kinsella” and Karen was joined by Shona Taylor and Tracy Holt.

Easing down to save his legs for the weekend, Andy came home in 7th place and 26:29. Chris Burton and Mike Harris were seconds apart again. Chris 15th in 28:04 & Mike 18th in 28:12.

First Harrier lady home was Karen with an excellent debut of 32:48. Next was Chris Kinsella (hoping not to retch in the finish funnel) in 35.26. Shona was 35:50 and Tracy 36:49.

Andy and Karen won bottles of wines for their efforts.

The men were a brilliant first team, although I’m sure we didn’t get a prize it at the time as they counted four on the night. (Sure I’ve not drunk that prize without remembering!!) The ladies were an excellent third.

Whilst there were fewer Harriers there, they made their presence felt, well done!



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