So you want to join a running club?

Did you take part in last weekends Wigan Trail 10k?  Enjoy it?

Did it make you wonder about joining a local club and taking your running to the next level? Did you see the camaraderie and friendship amongst all those club members and thought,  ” I fancy some of that!”

Did it make you realise that running clubs are not all speedy super athletes but are made up of people just like you, United in a common love of getting out here and running?

In that case don’t hesitate… Take that momentum tum and make the best running move you will ever make and come on down to the DW stadium this Thursday at 7pm and shout “hey Harriers I’m here let’s get running!”. Alternatively  just quietly ask for one of the coaches and we can settle you in and you can see how un-scary a training session actually is with people of all running abilities out together under the expert tutelage of qualified UKA coaches.


How much?


As in, how much per session as compared to the local gym?


How does free sound?


That right ….We don’t charge for sessions and we don’t expect or pressurise anyone into signing up for full club membership. Come along and see if it’s for you without risk or commitment.  You don’t even have to tell us your real name or fill in a form or give us an email address or promise to come back or anything!


What have you got to lose? Right then – see you Thursday!

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