2015 YTD Half Marathon records


With all the competitive Half Marathon action that has recently taken place I felt compelled to update the records for 2015 so far. In due course I’ll update the all time records but for now I’ve just added people’s best performances for the current year in club colours.

What an explosive 5 months it has been!  We have 19 male and 8 female athletes that have completed a half marathon. If you have also completed one please send me your details so I can add it on.

Still riding high at the top of the Ladies rankings is Julie Platt with her Wilmslow run of 91:36. Since the last update Kelly Anne Towns, Annemarie Craven and Joanne Fairhurst have all posted new Half Marathon times. Well done to all three on their performances.

Andy Ratcliffe stormed to the top of the Men’s rankings with a superb 78:16 in Liverpool, closely followed by Howard Avery with a brilliant 78:56  Andy is guarding that time with great diligence even running slowly to the finish and doing his best to get in Mark Glynn’s way to prevent his record falling in Chester! Regardless Mark managed an excellent 79:22. The ranks of super half marathon performances have been added to by Paul Mason, Steven Bayliss, Stuart Towns and Tony Foster – well done to all.

Here is a link to how 2015 looks now, updated for Half Marathons.

All time records will be updated soon.



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