So you want to join a running club?

Did you take part in last weekends Wigan Trail 10k?  Enjoy it?

Did it make you wonder about joining a local club and taking your running to the next level? Did you see the camaraderie and friendship amongst all those club members and thought,  ” I fancy some of that!”

Did it make you realise that running clubs are not all speedy super athletes but are made up of people just like you, United in a common love of getting out here and running?

In that case don’t hesitate… Take that momentum tum and make the best running move you will ever make and come on down to the DW stadium this Thursday at 7pm and shout “hey Harriers I’m here let’s get running!”. Alternatively  just quietly ask for one of the coaches and we can settle you in and you can see how un-scary a training session actually is with people of all running abilities out together under the expert tutelage of qualified UKA coaches.


How much?


As in, how much per session as compared to the local gym?


How does free sound?


That right ….We don’t charge for sessions and we don’t expect or pressurise anyone into signing up for full club membership. Come along and see if it’s for you without risk or commitment.  You don’t even have to tell us your real name or fill in a form or give us an email address or promise to come back or anything!


What have you got to lose? Right then – see you Thursday!

Wigan Harriers Endurance Membership

Over the last few weeks, quite a few people have been enquiring about joining the Hariers. Now is the time to sign up, as from July 1st, membership fees for the Harriers Endurance Group will be reduced.

The fee for the remainder of the year will be £24 – compare that to a lot of monthly gym fees! It includes a payment of £12 to register you with England Athletics. You are then an “attached” runner and are entitled to the £2 discount offered on most races.

As a Harriers member, you will also be able to take part in the various road relays that we enter, as well as the cross country leagues.


There are no minimum standards to join, just the desire to run.

Here is a link to the application form.

new-membership-form-2015 or go to our “Join us” page

Print it off (or ask Dave Collins for a copy if you’ve no printer), fill it in and return to Dave, Jayne or Mandy with either cash, or a cheque made payable to “Wigan Harriers”.

If you are interested in kit, then it’s easier to just speak to Dave, Jayne or Mandy to find out what is currently available.

Thank you for your support.


Amberswood Family Fun Day

For those of you who enjoyed the splendid environment of the Amberswood Nature Reserve we bring you news of another super event held there this coming weekend by the friends of Amberswood.

Saturday 11th July

11am till 4pm

For more details please this link F o A FUN DAY 2015

Friends of Amberswood do an excellent job of helping maintain this wonderful Greenheart park in the middle of the Wigan borough. They also provide tremendous support to the Wigan Harriers 10k Trail race.

Lakeland Trails Coniston Half Marathon Trail Race

Graham and I have a long history of running Lakeland Trails races. Between us we have raced most of the events from 10k to Ultra across the variety of beautiful venues and demanding terrain writes Mike Harris.

We had both decided to tick off another that we hadn’t tried before, the Coniston Half Marathon. We both did the full two years ago and completely exhausted ourselves and were perhaps hoping this wouldn’t be quite so traumatising! Graham was building towards doing Ultimate Trails 55k in July whereas I was working back into racing longer distances after Manchester Marathon in April.

The course follows the first nine miles of the 26 mile route, possibly the most attractive part. I was intrigued to see what the route back to Coniston would be like, as that part was completely new to me.

A sunny weather forecast turned out to be slightly wide of the mark, what we got instead was probably near perfect running conditions considering it was June. The Half was starting at a very sociable 11.00am, just as well as Graham was late leaving his holiday home. This meant his warm up consisted of running back from the toilets!

The first few miles is undulating following good paths and apart from a steep climb up from Coniston it’s fairly steady. I was surprised to find that I had turned up with legs that seemed to be like they would have preferred to be still in bed. That’s one good thing about a half marathon – plenty of time for them to wake up!

The course then turn a sharp left turn joining a minor road climbing up a valley. The sides of the valley acted as a funnel concentrating the wind into a strong stamina sapping headwind. I pushed on hard here as it would have been too easy to coast a little. After what seemed like forever we turned off the road and followed what I considered to be the best part of the course for either full or half. It’s tricky and hard to run fast on but it makes you think about what you are doing, you feel alive, running in a quiet beautiful part of lakeland.

Another section of country roads then brings you to Tarn Hows. As we were the last race entrants the tarn was very busy with a mix of walkers and runners on their various laps. It should be a section where you could blast it but the old pins were rocking a little.

As we climbed to leave the tarn we were captured on record by the photographer James Kirby who did his usual brilliant job of capturing everyone slogging up the hill. An excellent memento of a great day.





Graham did a better job of making it appear like he was enjoying the race!

From Tarn Hows it was downhill all the way on a fantastic path through woodland to Coniston. The organisers had done an excellent job with the routing as this was a great path back to the finish. The glimpses of the village were tantalising evidence that the finish was close. By now I was passing a steady stream of runners from the Challenge Race who started an hour earlier. I was also passed by another runner Gareth from Derbyshire. We had exchanged places a couple of times and it was a reminder that I wasn’t finishing as fast as I would have liked as Gareth swept past me with a mile to go.

You run past race HQ on the way to the finish so just time to brush your hair, straighten your vest before the grandstand finish in front of the family!

A dash along the edges of the lake brought me home in 1.34, 20th and 2nd V40 and an immediate launch into the family buffet whilst maintaining a watchful eye for Graham.

Graham didn’t keep us waiting and finished in an excellent 1.49 in 90th place. The clouds decided to flee the sky as we left Coniston resulting in a sunny drive home! A fantastic venue and an excellent race.



Not long now!

With just over three weeks to go to this next year’s Wigan Trail Race, the final preparations are now being made. Today we are pleased to share the new route for the 2.5k fun run.

The 2.5k fun run is suitable for everyone….children, family and have a go heroes and there is a medal for all fun run finishers.

10k with free pie and peas for pre entries or 2.5k with a shiny medal, what are you waiting for?

The new race routes.


All time records updated for Half Marathon

The all time records are now updated for the Half Marathon and I’m excited to say that there are seven additions to the records from 2015 performances.

Congratulations to the following athletes who have placed their names on the club hall of fame.

Nina Fisher V35 99.16 Anglesey

Annemarie Craven V40 1:43:16 Liverpool

Andy Ratcliffe Overall & V45 78:16 Liverpool

Mark Glynn Overall & V45 79:22 Chester

Chris Smullen V40 80:11 Wilmslow

Tim Pilkington V40 86:34 Anglesey

Dave Banks V55 93:15 Liverpool

For a more detailed view of the current Half Marathon please follow this link

The 10k records will be updated in a few weeks so still time to make your mark!


2015 YTD Half Marathon records


With all the competitive Half Marathon action that has recently taken place I felt compelled to update the records for 2015 so far. In due course I’ll update the all time records but for now I’ve just added people’s best performances for the current year in club colours.

What an explosive 5 months it has been!  We have 19 male and 8 female athletes that have completed a half marathon. If you have also completed one please send me your details so I can add it on.

Still riding high at the top of the Ladies rankings is Julie Platt with her Wilmslow run of 91:36. Since the last update Kelly Anne Towns, Annemarie Craven and Joanne Fairhurst have all posted new Half Marathon times. Well done to all three on their performances.

Andy Ratcliffe stormed to the top of the Men’s rankings with a superb 78:16 in Liverpool, closely followed by Howard Avery with a brilliant 78:56  Andy is guarding that time with great diligence even running slowly to the finish and doing his best to get in Mark Glynn’s way to prevent his record falling in Chester! Regardless Mark managed an excellent 79:22. The ranks of super half marathon performances have been added to by Paul Mason, Steven Bayliss, Stuart Towns and Tony Foster – well done to all.

Here is a link to how 2015 looks now, updated for Half Marathons.

All time records will be updated soon.