Great Manchester 10k by Pat Cole and Pauline Taylor

This year we decided to run the Manchester 10k to raise money for Ormskirk Hospital Neonatal Unit where our little Granddaughter Amelie was born on 5th November 2014 over 10 weeks prematurely weighing a tiny 2lbs 7 ozs. She was transferred to Liverpool Women’s Hospital and finally back to Ormskirk. We lost her twice and she endured several blood transfusions a lumbar puncture and numerous other tests etc. The care she received from Ormskirk was brilliant. We are extremely grateful to them and very lucky to have her!!

My husband Alan, Pat and myself set off to Manchester on the train from Appley Bridge. All the way there Pat and I were telling ourself we were just going on one of our long runs to Carr Mill and that we had to take it steady as we have a terrible habit of going off too fast and blowing it! We didn’t want to arrive too early and be waiting around as we just end up queuing up for the loo more and more times. Well that’s me, not Pat. She has an acute phobia of Portaloos after a very unpleasant experience at a marathon – not something that she would ever like to repeat. I also hasten to add she is like a Camel and manages to store water very well!

We queued for the loos inside at Grand Central and then set off to find the orange wave baggage bus. We then made our way to the orange zone for the warm up only to find ourselves in the middle of a huge crowd of runners all wearing white race numbers. Panic set in as we realised we were in the wrong zone which was only due to start 25 mins after our orange wave. We spied two young men wearing orange numbers who also realised they were in the wrong place so we followed them as they dismantled the fence and pushed through.

We managed to rush to the Orange zone dodging spectators and pedestrians and finally got through another metal rail and into the back of the orange zone, literally as it was starting. Before we knew it we were off. Straight away in typical style, panic set in with the traumatic start and we ran the first kilometre in 5 mins 49 secs. We called to each other to slow it down (and yes I know most of you are probably thinking we couldn’t actually go much slower, but it is fast for us!!). We managed to maintain a reasonably steady pace and I couldn’t believe it as we hit each kilometre marker just over the 6 min kilometre times up to 54 mins 47 secs at 9K. We were hoping that by not going off as quickly as we usually do that we would have something in the bag to push on at the end instead of ending up walking. We pushed on over the last kilometre completing it in 5 mins 57 secs to finish the run in 1hour 44 seconds just outside the under 1 hour we really wanted. Although this was slightly disappointing we actually did a much better controlled run and actually did PB’s for this course taking 1 min 25 seconds off last years time, so not too bad really. My husband Alan did a respectable time of 55 mins 25 secs without any training and I’m still trying to persuade him to come to club nights!

Thanks to some familiar faces that were there to cheer us and help us along!!

Pauline & Pat.

image image


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