Liverpool 10k

Gary Wane gives us an account of Harriers adventures in Liverpool and the after show party in Wigan.


On Sunday 3rd May, 11 Harriers travelled through the rain en-masse to Sefton Park in the hunt for 10k glory. From 9.30am onwards as we all arrived the pre race discussion topics included:

Will the rain stop or not?
Inflatable giant lungs.
And others that can’t be included due to the fact that u18s may read this report. All I can say is a Frenchman called Pierre getting lucky did feature.

At 10am, Howard and myself, being the professional athletes that we are, warmed up and jogged the first Km or so of the course. Before long it was approaching race time and Harriers embraced and wished each other luck before going to their colour coded pens. The rain has stopped and the sun was peeking through the clouds, like a turtle poking its head out of a shell. After,hearing the race announcer state many times the start was being put back a minute or two, the gun went with a bang and we were off.
The start was a bit contested but soon I found my rhythm. I was PB hunting so it was head down and wait for the legs to start hurting. About a mile in Colin passed me so I had a target to keep in sight. The course was quite nice and those who did the relays recently who know the park will agree. As the km rolled by, I was on for a sub 42 PB. I still had Colin in sight so all was well. Then my watch beeped and lost its satellite signal briefly. Panic momentarily set in but then I realised it didn’t matter ask could use the km markers anyway. At 9km we passed the cafe and with shouts from Team Fisher/Pilkington I pinned my ears back. The last straight was a 150-200m slight uphill. I went for it passing people to move up a few extra places. I crossed the line and checked my watch. PB baby! Boom. Only 7 seconds but my first sub 42. My lungs were burning, my breathing more than erratic, and the hardest part of the whole race was staggering through the finish funnel to collect my goody bag. As a typical runner the first thing I thought was, “If I’d have gone 100m or so earlier, I would have had the lad in front of me and been a few seconds quicker!”


imageI met up with Howard and Colin and we watched the rest of the Harriers roll in.




Howard – 36m28s a new PB after a recent Marathon.
Colin M – 41m27s (and that after a recent Marathon too)
Gary 41m 54 a new PB
Stu G – 53m58s a new PB.
Robyn F – 55m39s and her 1st 10k medal, a new PB???
Sara C – 58m49s and a new PB.
Carole Anne C – 1hr 53s.
Lindsay F – 1hr 59s (and that despite being ill on the Saturday and not thinking she would be able to run!)
Mel W – 1hr 59s and a new PB.
Emma S – 1hr8m48s and a great effort after a return to running after 10 weeks out!
Paul B – 1hr9m 49s

A great effort by everyone and also a good excuse to hit the bars to get some recovery drinks down. I have it on good authority that the post race celebrations were still continuing at 11pm (after a 3pm start). Also, pictures appeared on social media of Mr Millington who made the effort to congratulate the Harriers despite being in a hospital bed earlier that week (he’ll do anything to miss a hill session but not a drinking one it seems…)
A special mention too for Barry Freeman who was bag handler, photographer and on course motivator.





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