London Marathon by Paul Bryers

Just under 2 years ago I had not even ran a 5K race, so why did I find myself on the way to run the London marathon 2 days before my 40th birthday ? 

It’s something that I have always wanted to do and with the guidance of coach Waddi through the last 17 weeks I felt ready for it.

Lisa and I headed down there on the Friday, making a long weekend out of the experience but it didn’t start well with Lisa getting on the tube behind me only for the doors to slam shut, causing her to get stuck in there. Luckily a man in his 70’s jumped to her rescue. I was none the wiser apart from grease all over her pink jacket. ( think I was in the zone !!!)

We were staying in Greenwich so all we did Friday was to have a gentle run around Greenwich park

Saturday consisted of meeting up with Darren, Gaz and Julie along with there partners at the Expo. After that we headed back to the hotel to relax.



Sunday morning I was up and raring to go. A 5 mins walk and I was at the red start waiting for the gun to go off

My aim was to run at 7min 30’s for at least 15 mile and try and hang on as long as I could. Mile 1 was bang on time, mile 2 I was going too fast so tried to slow down. The rest is a blur up to Cutty Sark where I saw Dave & Jayne cheering me on. The next thing I knew I was running over Tower Bridge. Half way came and I found myself dancing and doing the moves to YMCA as it played from some speakers in the middle of the road. I did laugh to myself at this point thinking something is wrong and I shouldn’t feel this good.
Again the miles past and the next people I saw were Jayne and Dave again, followed by Neil Prescott then Mandy and Darren Bothwick. As I came upto about mile 19 I nearly had a heart attack with the scream from Darren Jackson as he saw me. He was with Lisa and had missed me around mile 7 so I was happy to see them all there.

As I saw Big Ben in the distance I picked it up a bit and as I had 800 mts to go I started to sprint home, only for both legs at the same time to send shooting pains of cramp all the way up. At this point I thought I wasn’t going to make it so slowed back down to my normal pace to finish the course.
As I crossed the finish line I was very emotional. All the pain of those long cold runs had paid off and I had finished in a time I could of only dreamed of when I first started training.

imageI truly had a great weekend and would like to thank everyone for the support down there, Barry for his words of wisdom, Lisa for putting up with all the training, Waddi for the training plan, and my training partners of Darren,Gaz Holland sometimes Nina and Tim, but always Julie.




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