Blackpool Marathon by Andy Ratcliffe

With Manchester the week before and London the same day I was the the lone Wigan Harrier at Blackpool or so I thought, this was also a chance of a sneaky podium finish!!!!!!!!!!.

Race day Urrrrrrh …WIND….the one thing I was hoping it wouldn’t be. I know I was virtually hoping for a miracle.

A glorious day but a Baltic wind had me toying with the idea of a base layer …..start line and base layer on we were off…Don’t go off to fast were Trevor’s instructions but with a downhill start that’s never easy , 5.47 time to put the brakes on 4 miles and a minute in the bank but this was ok as now the slog back up the sea front into the wind. What a nice surprise to here some “C’mon Harriers” cheers I wasn’t the only Harrier Adele Lowe and Sarah Edwards were taking part in the Half Marathon.

Taking shelter behind some of the half marathon runners we were at the top turn all going to plan…..back at the start and half way 1.22.51. It was at this point I stopped to remove my base layer that would cost me a place but he was still in my sights. Back at the bottom turn and the slog back into the wind…..that’s 3rd shouted a marshal, now in 3rd (15 miles) but no half marathon people to shelter behind the going was tough into the wind but a PB was still on with some hard running…………20 miles and probably what you could call the last hill, the last 5 miles hard running had took its toll and BANG my race was run ….now it would be a jog to the finish and hopefully still a sub 3!!!!! When your in a bad place the finish just seems so far away at least the wind was on my back….25 miles and still 7th running past the finish.

Oh NO at least a half mile back into the wind ………….”this way” I heard, going past the start once again I heard the finish commentator and here’s 7th place strange cos I couldn’t see the finish sure enough I was at 26.2 miles had I ran myself into such a delusional state I couldn’t see the finish NO I’d been sent the wrong way……eventually got to the finish not a happy chappy ____! ____! ____! 26.7miles 3.11….Post race I can recommend anger to rid yourself of any aches and pains.





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