London Marathon by Chris Burgess

Here is Chris Burgess’s account of his London Marathon.

Well all the miles in the bank all the sunday morning cold and wet runs came down to this one day, VLM 2015 my training had gone well up to me getting a issue with my nerve in my heel which caused me to have over 4 weeks off any way the big day was here my good for age for next year was sub 3.05 but the last few long runs give me thoughts i had a slight chance i may get sub 3, so my pre race meal was supposed to be pasta but opted for a favorite chicken tikka madras pilau rice garlic naan and onion bhajis with a big glass of water……

Race morning i got to the blue start pretty early weather was pretty chill (smuggling peanuts came to mind ha ha) i headed for my pen the 3 hour pacer was in the pen in front i thought to myself just stick to my plan and see what happens,the gun when the crowd was overwhelming 15 yrs ago i stood on the same start line wow!!!! the first two miles where a little slower than i wanted on my way through weaving the runners i bumped into julie platt wish her well and move on next wigan runner i came across was barry said my hellos and wished him well after the 5k point i found a pace around 6.45s pretty much up to 10 miles the next checkpoint was tower bridge the crowds where getting bigger i passed though halfway just under 1.30 which was spot on my plan now the isle of dogs i knew i had 7 miles round here at this point i was feeling great highfiving kids along the way taking in the whole experience as i got through 19-20 miles i still was going well but as always i get a bit giddy and a couple of quicker miles unbeknown where having the effects on my body and legs especially i reached 22 miles cramp started to really hit me in my hamstrings all i could think was don’t stop keep moving forward 24 mile right leg felt like it had pulled the muscle it was hurting that much my run turned into a power walk befor i knew it i was on birdcage walk with the 600mtr to go in front of me i looked at my watch sub 3 had gone but GFA was still on 365 yards to go everything was hurting but my thoughts were of everything positive how hard i had trained, my daughter, my running friends thoughts, what this means to me to get my GFA, i looked at the clock and it said 3.04.40 somthing and it took me 25 seconds to cross the start line immediately as i crossed the line i knew i had done it all the hard work had paid off !!! now looking forward to london 2016 that little bit more #Harriersontour #RedandBlackarmy




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