Coniston 14 by Gary Wane

A sunny day greeted me on the morning of Saturday 21st March. Perfect weather for the Coniston 14 race. I’d been building up my runs after a shin niggle and after a painful (very) massage on Tuesday, I was good to go.

The drive up was straightforward and I arrived at Coniston hoping to drop under 2hrs. I met Andy, Tim and Nina before we went to chill and prepare for the race. The sun was out so it was a perfect time to buy some new running sunglasses. My warm up started with 10 mins on the park with Imogen. Then I thought I’d better get to the start line.








Just before 11am Nina and I went to the start working our way as far forward as possible. Tim and Andy went straight to the front.
The race started suddenly and we were off. The first 2 miles was spent jogging up and down inclines whilst weaving around the running traffic.



By the the time we reached Torver the field was spreading out. I had been running with Nina but decided to back off the pace more to 7.45 min miles from the 7.30 or so I had been doing letting Nina surge onwards. Soon I was in my groove and feeling good as the miles ticked over. I saw Nina briefly on 7 miles as my legs wobbled after a mini stumble going down an incline. Within a minute, Nina was back ahead of me and slowly pulled away from me throughout the remainder of the race. I was struggling by now. A few runners passed me at this point as I dug in. The views kept me going. At 11 miles we hit the last hill. I ran up it and was now struggling. Then it went up again. Gutted!!! Soon it was over and I saw a few people who had passed me slowly coming towards me on the steep downhill. I passed the 13 mile marker soon after and hit a wall. I tried to speed up but when I looked at my Garmin, somehow my pace was slowing. We entered Coniston town and I was on empty. I dug deep again and managed to pass a couple more people and hold off a runner behind. As soon as I crossed the line the first feeling was relief and then breathe.

Well done Dad!









A fab run with fab views. My time of 1hr 47mins 2 secs was well below my expectations. I had also somehow to managed to run my 3rd fastest ever half marathon during the run. Bonus. All in all I was chuffed with my run.

Brew with a view!









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