Mad Dog, Rhyll and St Helens!

try to find a pic of Paul where he isn't surrounded by lovely ladies....

try to find a pic of Paul where he isn’t surrounded by lovely ladies….

Paul Bryers brings us up to date with recent events and demonstrates how training with Harriers and benefitting from a plan provided by a qualified coach can have a serious impact on race times

Last year my 10K times varied between 42.45 – 44.55.
After marathon training from the end of December I entered Southport Mad Dog in the middle of Feb as part of my plan and part of a 18 mile Sunday run. It was cold and miserable but stood on the start line with Darren, Bobby and Gary Holland. My aim was to get under 42 mins but as the race went on I felt good and picked it up every mile and finished in  40.37.
Next was Rhyl 10 mile. I had done Guys 10 in Dec and already knocked of 7 mins of my PB finishing in 70.41. Again it was a cold windy day and I didn’t look forward to running along the sea front. I had the same plan as the Mad Dog in that I was going to go out at a good pace and pick it up each mile. I finished in 66.47
Last weekend I did StHelens 10k. I think that 6 days a week solid training had finally caught up with me and last Wednesday/Thursday I was feeling drained. On the day though I felt a lot better and stood on the start line with Nina and Gary Holland.
I had looked at the course and realised that there where 4 hill climbs in it so thought I would go out at a good pace and try my best to keep going on the hills. I did this and as the hills came I found myself taking people going up. I also knew that once the hills where out of the way we had 1.5 mile back to the finish, so I thought I could put in a big effort and make up any time I had lost. I did this but going back we ran through the centre of town, taking in sone tight corners and even a U turn  at one point. I finished in 41.04 and felt that I had ran a better race than the MadDog and was happy with it.
I’m really benefitting from the training plan that Waddy has done for me and to encourage anyone to stick with it as they will soon see the rewards

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