Training week commencing 23rd February

Tuesday 18.30 Hill Session

Please note that Tuesday 24th Feb. Latics are playing a home game so we will move to Coppull Lane for the hill session.

We meet at The Swinley Club WN1 2LQ

There is some parking around the club and restrictions are lifted along Wigan Lane near the Infirmary and around the Monument area, but please check before you leave your car. We’ve also been offered additional parking off Lord St.,-2.628667,3a,75y,89.94h,62.09t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sJduWdI19wA3vKJa6j4K7Rg!2e0

This is behind the Sports Office WN1 2BN Lord St is a one way St. If you rotate the map, you will see a tunnel through the buildings before the shop. There is room for approx 10-12 cars. If you park up and walk up to the end of the Street, you will see The Swinley on the other side of the main road.

This is a really good hill session that everyone can get their teeth into. The efforts are only 35 seconds each. This is a great preparation for when we move the Tuesday sessions into Haigh Hall next month.

If you are late, wait near the Swinley as we will have gone for a warm up to the Cherry Gardens and back. If you know where that is, run towards us.

Thursday DW Stadium 19.00 as normal

See you in the week



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