Standish Hall Trail Race

2.30 pm Saturday 21st February

If you fancy a fix of racing this coming weekend then there are a few Wigan Harriers planning to enter the very local Standish Hall Trail Race. More recently the race has often clashed with Cross Country fixtures but this weekend spikes can be swapped for trail shoes.

The race is headquartered at the Britannia Hotel Almond Brook Standish, which is where registration takes place. The race itself starts and finishes 5 minutes walk away just off Arbour Lane.

The course is approximately 10k with two loops of Elnup Woods to savour. Underfoot it’s a mixture of firm farm tracks, muddy woodland and muddy field paths but don’t worry there is plenty of firmer stuff to aid your speed. It’s not mountainous but there is about 130 metres of climb, enough to get you blowing a little harder.

Cost is £7 but the organiser’s website was a little out of date so don’t blame me if it’s changed!

A good local race and recommended, just make sure if you enter you run extra fast – Wigan Harriers!!


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