Burnley XC

Thought your Cross Country run was tough? How about this mini report from Shona:

The course was nearly flat – just one drag up from the start but it was into a serious head wind straight off the arctic – with soggy grass and a bit of mud thrown in. My daughter Em ran a stormer in the under 11 girls with her best place to date and I was pretty pleased with my race too (considering the lack of training due to on-going knee niggles, Christmas etc) as I very nearly made my target of getting into the front half of the field.

In an attempt to get warm I queued up for a coffee then heard that someone was down – possibly having a heart attack. I went over and tried to help keep her warm for the eternity of the half hour or so it took for the ambulance to arrive. Mercifully by then she was breathing steadily and was conscious and no longer needing me to keep smacking her leg to keep her awake. Bit scary but the amazing thing was how quickly folk had come up and said they were a nurse, a doctor, “I’m trained to use a defibrillator – does anyone know where there is one on site?”, “we’ve got a doctor running in our men’s team – do you want me to pull him out of the race?” and so on. Then a lady who, like me, was capable of no more than physical / moral support came over in quite a state because she’d finished with the Hyndburn lady at the back of the field, given her a hug and then gone back to her club tent not realising she’d collapsed as she walked away. Just goes to show how runners pull together to support each other.

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