Northern Athletics Road Relays

The Northern Road Relays will be taking place at Sefton Park, Liverpool on Saturday 28th March. We are hoping to enter both mens and ladies teams for the event.

The ladies relay is 2 long legs and 4 shorter ones of about 5k.

The mens relay is made up of 4 long legs (about 8k to 9k) and 8 short legs (about 5k), alternating between long and short.

In order to run for the club, you must be a paid up member for the current year.

There is no limit on the number of teams that a club can enter, so if there are enough people interested then we will enter several teams.

Full details have not yet been released, including race times. The event starts at 11. The ladies usually race first, with the mens race starting when that finishes.

Although it is a team event and peoples support for other runners throughout the day is always appreciated, it is fine for people to just turn up to run their leg. Also, if anyone is tied to a specific time, we will try to arrange that they run a suitable leg.

The entry cost will be about £7 each and will need to be paid up front.

If you would like to run, then could you please let the team manager Andy Eccles know.

Please note that this is not an elite race and runners of all abilities take part. It is a fantastic team event and a great day out. Bring your families along too. The more support, the better.

Latest news……54 runners likely to represent the Club and Wigan!


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