Mid Lancs Cross Country Towneley Park

After a short mid season break from the rigours of Cross Country, Wigan Harriers were back in action – Mid Lancs League at Towneley Park.

Towneley Park is a regular on the circuit but not one I had raced before so I asked a few people what it was like, their non descriptive answers really were quite revealing, for there isn’t really anything too memorable! I don’t mean this is a negative way it’s just as Andy Kaufman described it “a traditional cross country course”

With traditional you get mud and this was accompanied by some harsh winds, enough to take your breath away.

Numbers were little threadbare but it was excellent to see that we still managed to field a Men’s and Women’s team in such difficult conditions.

Well done to the juniors, setting a high standard for the seniors to follow.

Under 13 Girls
19th Sarah Elsden Wigan & District H & Ac 11:50

Race 4 – Under 13 Boys
10th Ben Hughes Wigan & District H & Ac 11:53


Race 4 – Under 15 Girls
12th Sophie Elsden Wigan & District H & Ac 13:07

Race 5 – Under 15 Boys
2nd Ingham Jack Dee Wigan & District H & Ac 13:26





Race 6 – Ladies under 20

4th Danielle Thompson L20 4 Wigan & District H & Ac 24:31












Race 6 – Ladies over 18

31st Nina Fisher L 31 Wigan & District H & Ac 24:08
35th Danielle Thompson L20 4 Wigan & District H & Ac 24:31
87th Shona Taylor L45 22 Wigan & District H & Ac 27:25
97th Anne Craven L35 28 Wigan & District H & Ac 28:05
158th Melanie Wane L 158 Wigan & District H & Ac 34:10










This kept the Ladies in 5th place in Division 1, thankfully above the relegation zone. Well done Ladies!


Chris and Stuart picked a tough day to introduce themselves to Cross Country, well done guys.

Senior Men
28th Andrew Kaufman Wigan & District H & Ac 35:08
37th Gary Fitzpatrick Wigan & District H & Ac 35:43
50th Mohamed Irshad Wigan & District H & Ac 36:46
71th Christopher Burgess Wigan & District H & Ac 38:08
96th Mike Harris V40 22 Wigan & District H & Ac 39:12
133th Paul Bryers Wigan & District H & Ac 40:51
265th Chris Kinsella Wigan & District H & Ac 50:37
275th Stuart Gibson Wigan & District H & Ac 53:29

Again a similar result timageo the ladies, the Men are still holding onto 5th place, just! Unfortunately as Mike was the only old man running we failed to complete a Men’s Vets team. Thankfully due to a strong performance from Horwich, Southport didn’t fully take advantage so it’s still all to play for in the last two races.
























The last two fixtures are:

14th February Lawson’s Ground Blackpool

7th March Rylands Park Lancaster

Put these in your diary for more muddy fun!


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