And we’re off!

Its time to put down the mince pies, pour the last of that egg nog down the drain and step away from the Quality Street. If you have managed to add a bit of ballast during the Christmas lay off there is only one way to get back to that pre-festivity aerodynamic shape: some tough training Harriers style.

The regular sessions begin again this Tuesday with a return to the DW at 6.30 pm for a bit of speed, (or a quick waddle for those of us who overdosed on Baileys and Gateaux). We will meet as usual in the corner of the Robin Park car park over near the football ground for a couple of laps of gentle jogging to break us in before re-grouping at the stadium for some dynamic warm ups. If you are late, just wait at the DW.

Thursday also sees us back at the DW for the tempo based efforts. On Saturday we return to the Cross Country campaign with a visit to Townley Park in Burnley for anyone who fancies torching some of those festive calories with a good romp through the mud!

Any new members thinking of joining us for the first time in the New Year don’t be shy – come on down on Tuesday or Thursday to introduce yourself. Its an ideal time to join us as we all fight our way back to fitness. You will have plenty of company whatever you goals this coming year.

Membership is also up for renewal for existing members – more details on that here: Membership Renewal


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