Presentation Evening

This year’s Wigan Harriers Annual Awards night is at the Robin Park Arena (across from the track) this Friday at 28/11/14 at 7:30PM. It’s £3 (or £10 for families) buffet included. The night will mainly be taken up by well earned awards to the various age group young athletes, but also included will be the Harriers Endurance Group Awards for 2014. It will be great if we can have a good representation there showing our support to Wigan Harriers.
The winners of the Endurance Group Awards are judged based on representing the club over the year and their achievements against personal goals not necessarily overall time and race performances.
This year’s Endurance Group Awards are:
Female Athlete of the year: Jayne Taylor
Jayne has had a great year, getting very close to her best times and almost without exception is the first in her age category, and more often than not the first lady. She has raced for the Harriers at least 30 times this year, competing in several team events for road relays and cross country and virtually every distance from 5k to an excellent Marathon at Snowdonia. This of course coupled with her heavy involvement of actually coaching the Endurance Group.
Male Athlete of the Year: Gary Fitzpatrick
Gary has made great improvements again this year and is one of the top runners in the Endurance Group. He has also represented the club in several team events and has achieved PB’s in 5k, 10k, 10 miles and Half Marathon. Another prolific racer he has represented the club well over 20 times this year.
Run of the Year Half Marathon and above: Jayne Taylor (Snowdonia Marathon 3 hours 22 min & 7 sec)
Snowdonia Marathon is rightly considered one of the toughest marathons in the UK, to run 3:22 is a fantastic achievement and compares well with Jayne’s best marathon time of 3:10. Jayne was actually 6th of 412 woman.
Run of the Year up to Half Marathon distance: Mark Glynn (St Helens 10k – 35:48)
A 10k PB for Mark and 9th in his local race, plus coming in a year where he actually prioritised his Ironman Triathlon Training.
Most Improved Athlete of the Year: Pauline Foster
Pauline joined Wigan Harriers last year, with her set goal to get under 1 hour for 10k. She committed to that goal by attending training wherever possible, training with regular partners “Pat and Pauline”, (the other Pauline), she smashed her goal PB with 56:23 at Wigan 10k and goes from strength to strength, also tackling the cross country season.

Well done all

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