Hi Viz Kit

IMG_2671Hi Vit Kit – It isn’t optional!

Now that the dark winter evenings have arrived we face a couple of months in which our Tuesday and Thursday training sessions will take place almost completely in the dark. We are lucky at Harriers to have a largely traffic free closed loop on which to train which spares us many of the dangers of running at night .

However, we do still have sections that we share with both other vehicles and pedestrians. Accordingly, it is essential that every single runner is wearing at the very least a hi viz top, and preferably something highly reflective or luminous too.

Some runners have been attending training with a head torch or a reflective or flashing armband which are great additional safety items. They do not replace the need for a hi viz top though!

Our training sessions are conducted under the supervision of UKA trained and licensed Coaches. As such we must ensure that the sessions are suitably risk assessed and as safe as we can make them for all runners. The Safety Assessment for the DW loop in Winter requires that we all wear hi viz to mitigate some of the dangers of sharing the area with other users. Anyone wishing to train with Harriers on Tuesday and Thursday is required to abide by these rules.

For the next couple of weeks the coaches will be bringing a couple of spare hi viz bibs and vests for anyone who forgets to bring their own, or gets all confused and thinks a dirty white t-shirt or a black jacket is hi viz. If you want to take part in the session you will be required to wear one of the “Bibs of Shame” and will subjected to the ridicule of your peers as we all point at you and say “ha – you don’t know what hi viz is”.

Don’t be that runner…..





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