Lakeland Trails 15K Derwentwater Trail Race 2014 Report

It was a pleasant September day in the Lake District. There are few better places in the world to run on a sunny day. I had done this race every year since I started running and so was starting to lose count, after the use of my fingers, managed to calculate it was the fifth year. Flipping heck I’m getting old I thought! Continue reading

Harrock Hill Race 4

It was a pleasantly warm evening, the group shifted uneasily from side to side, it would not be long now. The sun was starting to hang low in the sky, the wind was gentle, it was good running conditions. The group waited, it was not time yet, not time to go charging off but they were impatient, wait, wait. Then all of a sudden it was time to go, they ran at full speed, a lolloping gait but still effective but alas those runners escaped the thundering stomp of the Harrock cows and lived to tell the tale of Harrock Hill Race number 4! Continue reading

Leigh Cross Country – Red Rose 2014 report

There is so much to go for here that I’m bound to overlook someone’s heroics and mortally offend them. Did Mike Harris run?

Despite putting this fixture back by two weeks from the previous year, the weather still failed to deliver. Chris Burgess was dreaming of mud and had been doing a rain dance for the week leading up to the race. The debutants must have thought that tales of snow laden fields, driving rain, gale force winds, tents which refused to be pegged down, knee deep mud, were exactly that. The build up to the first cross country of the year had actually involved a lot of reassurance that this course was an excellent one on which to cut your teeth. Really only a glorified trail race with the biggest hill being the camber round one of the golf course greens, it has the disadvantage of allowing you to run hard all the way round. Continue reading

St Helens Dream Trail 2014

A month or 2 ago, Mel and I signed up for this little race in the badlands of St Helens thinking it would be a nice change to our usual Sunday runs. After running the Leigh XC the day before, we arrived looking forward to a nice charming trail run somewhere different.

At 10.15am, Mel set off through the mist whilst I, being the doting husband and dad that I am, retired to the warmth of the Smithy Arms to feed a hungry baby. Imogen fed, we went to the finish to see Mel charging down to finish in a creditable 27th out of 53 runners. Continue reading

Harriers Endurance Christmas Do


We have only around 15 places left for the Harriers Endurance Wing Christmas bash on 20th December so anyone thinking of going needs to confirm their place asap.

The venue will be the Oak Hotel, (Mercure) in the town centre and the price of £28.50 per head will include a 3 course meal, half a bottle of wine and live entertainment, (of the organised kind, not the pointing and laughing at drunken team mates kind).

Reserve your place with Dave Waddington, Jacqui Jones or Jayne Taylor by tomorrow night, and have your £10 deposits ready.

Wirral Half Marathon Race Report

Pat and Pauline represented the club at the Wirral Half this weekend. This is their story:

It was a damp foggy morning at 7.45am when we left Orrell but the mist soon cleared and out came the sun. We got through the tunnel and ‘over the water’ or under it really, without any problems. We managed to park right near to Birkenhead Park and get inside in plenty of time for the start. After our warm up we headed to the 2hr 15 min pacer and waited to go. Continue reading

Hi Viz Kit

IMG_2671Hi Vit Kit – It isn’t optional!

Now that the dark winter evenings have arrived we face a couple of months in which our Tuesday and Thursday training sessions will take place almost completely in the dark. We are lucky at Harriers to have a largely traffic free closed loop on which to train which spares us many of the dangers of running at night .

However, we do still have sections that we share with both other vehicles and pedestrians. Accordingly, it is essential that every single runner is wearing at the very least a hi viz top, and preferably something highly reflective or luminous too.

Some runners have been attending training with a head torch or a reflective or flashing armband which are great additional safety items. They do not replace the need for a hi viz top though!

Our training sessions are conducted under the supervision of UKA trained and licensed Coaches. As such we must ensure that the sessions are suitably risk assessed and as safe as we can make them for all runners. The Safety Assessment for the DW loop in Winter requires that we all wear hi viz to mitigate some of the dangers of sharing the area with other users. Anyone wishing to train with Harriers on Tuesday and Thursday is required to abide by these rules.

For the next couple of weeks the coaches will be bringing a couple of spare hi viz bibs and vests for anyone who forgets to bring their own, or gets all confused and thinks a dirty white t-shirt or a black jacket is hi viz. If you want to take part in the session you will be required to wear one of the “Bibs of Shame” and will subjected to the ridicule of your peers as we all point at you and say “ha – you don’t know what hi viz is”.

Don’t be that runner…..