Northern Athletics Road Relays

Harriers sent 3 full mens teams and two ladies teams on the short journey to Birchwood Park in Warrington last weekend to represent the club at the Northern Athletics road relay championships. It was a magnificent turn out from the red and black vests as they tested themselves against some of the best runners in the north of England.

Steve Bayliss set the tone for the day with his “pistons of power”, Gary Fitzpatrick ran like the wind thanks to some Espresso Love from Graham in the tent, (it a gel), Gary Wane brought his Face of Pain and Nina Fisher brought back her breakfast. Jayne Taylor melted tarmac, Tracey Dutton re-launched her running career,  Pat and Pauline showed everyone what distance running is truly all about with full hearted determined runs, and Chris Greens’ Mohican went floppy he ran that hard.

Team Manager Rich was hoarse before he arrived and as quiet as we’ve ever known him by the end. Julie Platt bought shares in Start Fitness and Darren Jackson bought an offensive weapon. We had a string of stunning debut performance and a few old hands turned up the effort levels, (at least as they ran past the Harriers support station).

Most of it can be seen in glorious HD on the video below, (even Nina being poorly..)

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