Cumbria Way Ultra Relay Reports

This September Wigan Harriers took part in the inaugural running of the Cumbria Way Ultra Marathon fielding 3 teams of 5 runners each to contest the relay event. the event runs from Ulverston in the south of Lakeland all the way to the finish some 73 miles later at Carlisle Castle in the north.

Here’s how it went in words, pictures and video…… Continue reading

Northern Athletics Road Relays

Harriers sent 3 full mens teams and two ladies teams on the short journey to Birchwood Park in Warrington last weekend to represent the club at the Northern Athletics road relay championships. It was a magnificent turn out from the red and black vests as they tested themselves against some of the best runners in the north of England.

Steve Bayliss set the tone for the day with his “pistons of power”, Gary Fitzpatrick ran like the wind thanks to some Espresso Love from Graham in the tent, (it a gel), Gary Wane brought his Face of Pain and Nina Fisher brought back her breakfast. Jayne Taylor melted tarmac, Tracey Dutton re-launched her running career,  Pat and Pauline showed everyone what distance running is truly all about with full hearted determined runs, and Chris Greens’ Mohican went floppy he ran that hard.

Team Manager Rich was hoarse before he arrived and as quiet as we’ve ever known him by the end. Julie Platt bought shares in Start Fitness and Darren Jackson bought an offensive weapon. We had a string of stunning debut performance and a few old hands turned up the effort levels, (at least as they ran past the Harriers support station).

Most of it can be seen in glorious HD on the video below, (even Nina being poorly..)

Cross Country Season 2014/15

xcountryshoesWe may still be enjoying the last embers of an Indian Summer and basking in the fading warmth of Autumn, but it will soon be time to don 14 layers of insulation before venturing out of the door to do battle with arctic winds and all penetrating drizzle in the pitch black, hail swept emptiness of Wigan in Winter.

Time to stock upon Deep Heat, Vicks Vaporub and Vitamin D as the sun goes hiding for 6 months of un-interrupted gloom and persistent head colds, and going out for a run becomes a titanic battle of iron will versus couch dwelling self loathing. Jayne will insist we run round the DW dressed up like high speed lollipop men in hi viz, and the short sleeves and 3 inch shorts will become a sad memory.

The only glimmer of hope left to cling to during the unremitting darkness of the season and the soul is the joyous prospect of the cross country season. This is when we gather together in various mud trammelled and barren windswept playing fields across the North West to temporarily pretend its high summer by running around in life threatening temperatures wearing only a club vest and a grimace.

Noone v Bryers v Wane

Noone v Bryers v Wane

If you like changing in tents, mild hypothermia, frozen snot and are keen to join 30 or 40 fellow borderline masochists to represent the red and back of Harriers in the Red Rose and Mid Lancs Leagues you may be interested in adding the fixture lists now on the site to your own personal diaries of pain.

We will be kicking of the campaign at the Red Rose fixture in Leigh on Saturday 11th October, where thanks to global warming we may get away with only mild frostbite and trail shoes. If you start now in chiselling off the concrete hard mud that has set on your XC spikes since you threw them in the back of the shed at the end of last season they may just resemble running shoes in time for Leigh. Alternatively you can throw them in a bucket of water to soak off the worst of it, forget about them, and spend time chiselling through 4 inches of solid ice to get to them come November.

DSCF9438We are aiming for maximum turn outs and best efforts for the Mid Lancs League in which all our teams won promotion last year and need to work hard to consolidate our place. Expect team Captains and coaches to begin lying through their teeth about team spirit, camaraderie and the training benefits of beasting yourself repeatedly up some hellish hill in Hynburn as they press gang the unwary and the unwise into turning out for the club.

I love cross country.

I hope I’ve shared my enthusiasm and inspired another season of achievement for the club.

Why cant we just fly south like the birds do?

They don’t have hills in swimming – and its indoors….

Iron Man UK – Marks Report

After almost 9 months of training, 6 days a week, the day had finally arrived. Sunday 20th July at 3am I heard the click of the alarm, but I turned it off before it actually sounded, because even though I had only gone to bed at 11pm I was already awake and full of nervous energy. The weather looked perfect and after my usual breakfast I did 1 last check that I had everything and was on my way to Pennington Flash. When I got there, the place was already buzzing as I made my way to the transition area to make sure nothing had happened to my bike over night. I don’t know what could have happened in a secure compound overnight, but I checked anyway as it seemed the thing to do; I also put my drinks and food on my bike that would fuel my ride. Continue reading

Wigan 10k

Did you run the Wigan 10k? were you one of the army of new runners in Wigan who conquered the 6.2 miles? If so, you will probably be feeling sore, tired but just a little bit elated with your achievement and rightly so.

You are possibly also thinking about next year already, or maybe even another 10k sometime soon? Can you run just a little bit faster next time? Maybe you would like to go a bit further and take on a bigger challenge in the form of a half marathon?  Or maybe you just want to keep up the running habit and all the health benefits you have discovered it brings.

Wigan Harriers can help with all of the above!

10670089_645141618934076_2429424478812450625_nHave a look at the Wigan 10k results and you will see we have a huge spread of abilities amongst our members. We are very proud of our fast runners who were racing it out in the top ten, but we are equally proud of the rest of our members spread throughout the field. This means that if you can already run 10k you will certainly fit right in to the training with Harriers and be able to take your running to the next level.

In fact, quite a few of the Harriers vests you saw on Sunday first joined after last years Wigan 10k so you will be in good company!

We offer free sessions organised by fully trained UK Athletics coaches that are tailored to suit all speeds of runner. You can come along and simply enjoy the company and camaraderie of training with like minded running enthusiasts, or throw yourself into a full training plan and see just how much faster or further you can really go. Either way we would love to see you come and join us.

Training times are updated and available on the TrainingTimes  page, but the best night for new runners is Thursday when we meet at the DW stadium car park near to Robin Park Arena. Drop us an email to let us know you are coming, or just say hello when you arrive and we can have a one to one chat about what you want to get out of the club and how we can help.

See you soon!