Windermere Triathlon 2014

Our very first triathlon report courtesy of Kelly Anne Towns:

If anyone fancies doing an Olympic distance triathlon then this has got to be one of the best around.  (Well I can only compare it to one other but it was good).  Last Sunday I took part in the ‘return’ of Tri Windermere after a last minute cancellation the previous year.

I travelled up with the family the day before and was able to register on the Saturday evening, saving a bit of time in the morning.  Anything to give me an extra ten minutes in bed before the 7.30am start!  Depositing my bike at a friend’s motorhome right next to transition, off I went for an early night to our accommodation in Ambleside.  Which was right next door to the Lakeside Inn, complete with waterside seating and thriving with people enjoying the sunshine.  And wine.  Oh the wine.  I managed to abstain though and obeyed my 5.45am alarm after the obligatory nightmare about oversleeping and missing the start.

A quick bowl of porridge, gear thrown in the car and off to Bowness for the 6.15 meet time to retrieve my bike from it’s carers and fellow competitors.

Bike racked, wetsuit on, friendly banter in transition and a rather amusing race briefing followed, where the race director actually offered to refund anyone’s fees who bottled it at the last minute!  What was I letting myself in for?  Fleeting thought as to whether I would prefer to take the money and run…..

I’d entered this race about 18 months ago, and put a ridiculous time estimate down for my swim.  The consequence of my ‘guesstimate’ was that I started with the first and fastest wave.  The lake was a lovely temperature and would have been an enjoyable swim if I’d listened to the briefing and hence had a vague idea of where I was going.  Instead I had been wondering whether to take that refund and daydreaming which pub I would spend it in….. anyway off I went into the water surrounded by human fish who took off and immediately left me behind.  Obviously that time estimate waserm, well, daft.  I couldn’t see any buoys, just loads of orange swim hats in the water miles ahead of me.  At least I knew which general direction I was going in but I was glad to get out of the water after completing the mile swim in 30 minutes.

On to the bike after quite a distance pushing it out of transition to the mount line.  The course was one full lap of the lake, taking in 43k of rolling hills (only one really steep bit which was quite short), beautiful Lakeland scenery and quiet country roads.  Being my weakest discipline, but the one I love most, I aimed to enjoy the route rather than burn my legs out, which proved difficult given the hills but I managed to achieve it.  My biggest achievement of the day was staying clipped in and upright after someone in front of me decided to stop dead half-way up the steepest hill!  As the bike came to an end after 1hr 47 mins, my thoughts turned to the fact that I hadn’t run 10k for months!  I would rather do another lap on the bike than the 5 x 2k laps that faced me now!

Taking my time in transition, I had a little sit down to put my socks and trainers on, then wearily set off.  I wasn’t looking forward to this, I mean 5 (FIVE) laps!!!  But what seemed daunting at first turned out to be a lovely run, and the laps proved to be nice little bite-sized chunks.  It was half-road, half-trail, it had a little mountain in it (OK a short hill), and lots of support en route in what was now becoming a very busy Bowness.  I felt stronger than expected and started to overtake all those people who had sped past me on the bike.  A slower 10k than I would have liked really at 53mins, but the fact was I’d done it!  Total time 3hrs 15mins.

I’m about to book for next year – it would be great to see some Wigan Harriers there!

If you book right now you can get 50% off with this code but it expires on 5th July: WTEB15

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