Haigh Hall 4 miler Report 2014

Over 250 runners from local clubs took on the Haigh Hall 4 miler on Wednesday night with 3 full teams of Harriers representing the club on this fast tour of our Tuesday night training ground. Dave Collins had been banging the drum and applying various bullying tactics to round up a few vests ahead of the race and managed to persuade 9 men and 4 ladies to turn out in the red and back on the night.

As the race began, Graham Millington was still telling anyone who would listen that he had completed the full hill session the night before and was only racing because Dave bullied into it. The downhill start from in front of the main Hall was blisteringly fast with many runners allowing the gradient to take them to inadvisable speeds over the first half mile. Runners then turned sharp left to begin the steady climb over rough trails to the thankfully smoother back road around to the hall and the start of another 2 mile lap.

Andy Kaufman would have preferred the hillier course from last year to suit his strengths on the uphill climbs, but still put in a sterling performance for 5th place overall to get himself amongst the prizes. He was chased home by Dan Gray in 16th place with Steve Nicholls and Chris Burgess completing the Team for  a fantastic 4th place finish on the night for Harriers.

Colin McEvoy was only narrowly edged out of a spot in the first 4 as he came home just 5 seconds behind Chris. Dave Collins worked hard for a 24:58 and to keep his pride intact by finishing just in front of the first Lady V50 in 25:34. That first lady was our very own Jayne Taylor who became the 2nd harrier of the night to collect a prize as she led home the ladies team to 7th overall.

Only 6 seconds separated Graham Millington and Gary Wane in 27 minutes and 27:06 respectively, with Graham still keen to make sure anyone with earshot knew he’d done the hill session the night before and Gary mumbling about his vest having got a bit tighter since the birth of his baby had inhibited his training time. Despite what the results say Graham hasn’t been poached by Phoenix and is still very much a Harrier much to everyones delight.

Caroline Rasburn was second lady Harrier home after perhaps her best run so far for the club. Caroline put in a top class performance to come home in 29:34 and 6th in her category. Tony Foster was next home after a strong run shortly followed by Sarah Morton who spent most of the race pondering the perennial runners dilemma of “just why am I doing this?” Because you love it Sarah! The final Harrier home was Pauline Foster who can be delighted with 37:15 over such a testing course and a good honest run.

As well as couple of prizes and a lot of pride, the final thing Wigan harriers took home with them was a new name for our star runner. Following a transcribing error on the official results Mr Kaufamn will be henceforth know to everyone as Andy “Captain” Kaveman….

Haigh 4 Miler results


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